Trump soundly defeating Biden in shock poll

 November 6, 2023

After years of losing hope under the corrupt and decrepit Biden regime, Trump supporters have something to cheer about. A stunning New York Times poll has clown puppet Joe Biden getting clobbered by Donald Trump.

If the election were held today, Trump would win with more than 300 electoral votes, powered by victories in key battleground states that Biden carried in 2020.

Trump is leading in Nevada by 10 points, in Michigan by 5 points, in Georgia by 6 points, in Pennsylvania by 4 points, and in Arizona by 5 points.

The silver lining for Biden was Wisconsin, where he led by 2 points.

Bombshell poll

The poll, released just a year out from the 2024 election, has landed like a cannonball among Democrats.

In a remarkable shift, Trump and Biden are virtually tied with voters aged 18 to 29. Biden's support from black voters, who paved the way for his rise in 2020 in the South Carolina primary, has also softened.

22 percent of blacks in swing states said they support Trump - a level of support unheard of for a Republican president in modern times - and Biden's lead among Hispanics has shrunk to single digits.

Biden sinks

Biden is staking his re-election on "democracy," but such appeals - besides being enormously hypocritical, coming from the president who is literally trying to jail his political opponent - may fall on deaf ears when voters have trouble paying the bills.

On the dominant issue, the economy, voters trust Trump more by 22 points - despite Biden's fantastical, Soviet-like boasts about "Bidenomics."

By a 17-point margin, voters said Trump's policies had helped them - a similar margin said Biden's policies had hurt.

And after three years of nearly constant verbal "gaffes" and brain freezes, Americans have begun to notice that Biden has lost a step.

70% said Biden is too old and more than 54% of Biden voters said he is too old.

Trump's amazing recovery

Between the lousy economy, the wars in Israel and Ukraine, the southern border crisis, and Biden's often indecipherable comments and behavior, most reasonable people have been left feeling that the country - and the world - is in a state of utter chaos.

If Trump pulls out a win, he would be the second president since Grover Cleveland to win a non-consecutive term.

Unlike Grover Cleveland, Trump is facing criminal charges - 91 of them, in fact - and a civil fraud trial that threatens control of his iconic business empire.

Even as the poll's impact continued to reverberate Monday, Trump was summoned to court in New York to testify in the fraud case.

Trump's unprecedented flurry of indictments would be the end for most political campaigns. But amazingly, Trump is not only muscling through it - he's somehow gaining the upper hand.

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