Trump suggests other GOP candidates should drop out immediatley

 July 31, 2023

Former President Donald Trump continues to maintain and grow his commanding lead in the 2024 GOP nominee polls, and he's not messing around. 

According to The Daily Wire, at Trump's first rally since he was hit with three additional federal charges in the classified documents case by Special Counsel Jack Smith, the former president made clear that he's the only one who has what it takes to cross the finish line in the general election.

His remarks came in front of a large audience of supporters in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Trump carefully aimed at many of his GOP opponents, taking extra time on his closest competitor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

What did he say?

The former president held nothing back as he launched attacks on his opponents, eventually telling them all they need to drop out early.

At one point, Trump said his opponents running for the GOP nomination are "wasting hundreds of millions of dollars that Republicans should be using to build a massive vote-gathering operation."

Trump said one of the most common complaints about the Republican Party currently is that they're not doing enough to go after alleged Democrat-led fraud.

"Any Republican that doesn’t act on Democrat fraud should be immediately primaried and get out," the former president said.

What indictments?

Trump and his team have consistently downplayed the multiple indictments he faces, writing them off as a type of political weaponization of the Justice Department in an effort to knock out President Joe Biden's toughest opponent.

So far, Trump's campaign has capitalized on the indictments and the looming indictment the former president faces by energizing his small donors across the country.

So far, the campaign has done quite well, making Biden's DOJ one of Trump's most valuable fundraising tools, at least for the moment.

The 45th president already faces one state indictment, one federal, and possibly one more of each to come, which should be revealed by the end of 2023. Only time will tell if that happens, but if it does, one has to wonder if it'll even make a dent.

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