Trump suggests that Pence may be preparing to testify against him

 August 8, 2023

Politico quoted former President Donald Trump as saying this past weekend former President Mike Pence had "gone to the Dark Side," which could refer to him testifying in Trump's latest criminal case.

For his part, Pence denied having any plans to offer testimony. However, the former vice president did say that he has decided to "always comply with the law."

"He’s entitled to make his defense in court"

Pence made that declaration during a Sunday appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" with host Dana Bash.

"The president’s entitled to a presumption of innocence. He’s entitled to make his defense in court," the former vice president went on to insist.

"But actually there are profound issues around this, pertaining to the First Amendment, freedom of speech and the rest. I’m confident he and his lawyer will litigate all those things," Pence stated.

Pence says Trump asked him to violate his "oath to the Constitution"

"The American people deserve to know that President Trump asked me to put him over my oath to the Constitution, but I kept my oath and I always will," he pledged.

"And I’m running for president in part because I think anyone who puts themselves over the Constitution should never be president of the United States," Pence continued.

"I mean, our Constitution is more important than any one man. Our country is more important than any one man’s career," he concluded.

Interestingly, Trump attorney John Lauro told CBS News' "Face The Nation" on Sunday that he welcomes the prospect of Pence testifying, insisting that "the vice president will be our best witness."

Trump lawyer "cannot wait" to cross examine Pence

Lauro delivered a similar message to ABC News host George Stephanopoulos, saying, "I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to cross examine Mr. Pence."

"He will completely eliminate any doubt that President Trump firmly believed that the election irregularities had led to an inappropriate result," Lauro went on to declare.

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