Trump suggests World War III will be 'the end of the world'

 April 25, 2023

Former President Donald Trump sounded the alarm about the current world situation, suggesting that World War III will be "the end of the world" because of the use of nuclear weapons. 

Trump told Mark Levin on his Fox News show, "Life, Liberty and Levin," that the U.S. was in the most dangerous situation in its history because of tensions with Russia, China, and Iran.

“You don’t discuss that word,” Trump said. “That word is a bad word — a bad word, Mark because the power is so unbelievable. This isn’t a World War. This is the end of the world. I don’t call it World War III. I call it the end of the world. And we have people that have no idea what they’re talking about or what they are doing."

Without naming Biden directly, he made it clear he didn't think the current president was capable of handling the challenge of keeping things peaceful.

"He just doesn't know what's going on"

"We are in the most dangerous position we’ve ever been in as a nation right now, and we have a leader that just doesn’t know what’s going on," he said.

“We have — he just doesn’t know what’s going on,” he continued. “And we want to be nice about it. Everybody wants to be nice about it. But the world is at balance, and this country might not exist. I mean, we may not exist anymore because we’re talking about power of weapons that is so unbelievable."

"They talk talk tough when they should be nice, and they talk nice when they should be tough," he went on. "I mean, it’s the opposite. Everything you see they say is wrong. And it’s a very scary time for this country, and it is scary primarily because of the leadership.”

Trump, of course, is positioning himself for the 2024 race where he will ostensibly face Biden once again after being defeated by him narrowly in 2020.

The risks

But even if Trump does manage to overcome the very strong personal dislike of many Americans and defeat Biden, Biden will still be in charge for almost two more years.

In that time, China is expected by some to take advantage of Biden's perceived weakness to attempt a military takeover of Taiwan, and Russia has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. because of our level of support for Ukraine.

Neither one of these actions is by any means certain or even likely, but by the time Trump gets in, if he can, the U.S. could be a radically different place than it is now.

Besides the risk of being dragged into multiple world conflicts, other risks include a deeper economic collapse or even catastrophic damage from a nuclear attack or EMP that could knock out power to a large part of the U.S. and cause perhaps even more damage than a direct nuclear attack.

A crapshoot

While Trump did a lot of great things for the economy and kept the U.S. in a peaceful state as president, he did not deal with COVID-19 as well and made several miscalculations that hurt his tenure and caused people to think twice about re-electing him.

Putting Trump in charge of a crisis situation will be at best a crapshoot, but it's got to be better than re-electing Biden, if that's the only other option.

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