Trump surrender to Georgia authorities scheduled for Thursday night to get maximum news coverage

August 23, 2023

Two sources told the Guardian that former President Donald Trump will surrender to Fulton County, Georgia authorities on Thursday, where he will be booked and will have a mug shot taken during the evening hours in a deliberate attempt to get maximum media coverage.

Trump and 18 of his associates are being charged under the RICO Act for conspiring to overturn the 2020 election, including by tweeting that people should watch election hearings that could indicate fraud.

He and the others faced a deadline of Friday at noon to turn himself in and avoid being arrested elsewhere.

Indictments helping

So far, the four indictments of Trump have ended up helping his base of support and poll numbers rather than hurting him.

His base is largely rushing to defend him, and he has over 50% planning to vote for him in the primaries to spite the Democrats.

He is barely edging out Biden in 2024 polls, but a lot can happen before then.

Will people really vote for a president who's in jail or may be headed there? Then again, Biden could also face serious allegations about bribes that would give his voters pause.

Weak case

The case against Trump is weak because it tries to criminalize free speech about whether an election is fair. Trump and his associates were merely trying to get more attention on what they thought was election fraud that had denied Trump a second term unfairly.

Prosecutor Fani Willis doesn't even care about whether a conviction stands in the long run, she just wants desperately to get Trump now to scuttle his ability to get elected in 2024.

It's election interference, plain and simple, but Democrats think they will get away with it. So far, they are.

The courts may be able to get a conviction against Trump in the case because juries in the county are known to skew left.

A few years later, it could be overturned on appeal and Trump exonerated, but by then the damage to Trump's reputation and the rule of law will be a done deal.

America over?

The American experiment is just about over if people are not allowed to speak out when they believe voter fraud has happened.

When we let the left criminalize behavior it doesn't like or that hurts it politically, everyone is hurt and no one benefits. It could bring the whole country down if half thinks the justice system is broken and unfair.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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