Trump Team Says Hunter Biden Crimes Vindicate Donald

August 1, 2023

"President Trump is going to be completely vindicated. The facts have really always been there," Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington said, not shying away from what she felt was the truth.

Obviously, liberals are going to disagree, as they seem to want to NEVER hold Hunter Biden responsible for anything, no matter how outrageous the crimes he commits are.

Felonies? Let him walk.

Lying to gain access to a firearm? No big deal.

Cheating on his taxes by MILLIONS? Doesn't sound like jail to them.

But when Donald Trump blinks, there are fourteen liberals immediately screaming that he should be put in jail.

It's been a double standard that conservatives in America have been facing for a WHILE, but it wasn't until Donald Trump rose to prominence a little less than a decade ago that the whole dirty system was exposed for EVERYONE to see.

Donald Trump thinks that he is nothing but a sacrificial lamb for the liberals who don't want anyone but themselves to succeed, and many people in America would agree with Trump.

ESPECIALLY his campaign.

"I think that's what's most troubling about all of this corruption is the FBI knew it, the Justice Department knew it," Harrington continued.

"None of this came out in the 2020 campaign. In fact, they did everything they could to hide these facts about the corrupt for dealings with the Biden family."

We have a man in office right now who's entire family is constantly taking advantage of American taxpayers, and all liberals want to do is chase after Donald Trump.

"What is the Justice Department doing?" Harrington demanded to know. "They're trying to throw the guy in jail for being honest about what the Biden family was doing? It is truly Banana Republic territory. But of course, President Trump, he was impeached over what the Biden's actually were doing."

Harrington also added that Americans KNOW Joe Biden is lying when he or the White House claim that Joe has not been involved in Hunter Biden's business deals.

"Hunter Biden, by his own admission, had no business being on the board of Burisma. It was only the Biden name."

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