Trump torches DeSantis' deflating 2024 presidential campaign

 August 5, 2023

Former President Donald Trump, even amid his mountain of legal issues that seem to keep coming, isn't shy about his feelings on his 2024 GOP presidential opponents. 

In a Breitbart exclusive, the former president aired his feelings concerning the campaign of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who started off strong in the polls but has failed to maintain that momentum.

Trump told Breitbart that he believes DeSantis, who he often labels "DeSanctimonious," is "crashing badly," and doubts he'll be able to maintain his waning second-place position in the polling.

The Florida governor, otherwise popular with conservatives, has failed to impress voters and donors like many thought he could just a few months ago.

"He's crashing badly"

In recent weeks, the DeSantis campaign has turned over dozens of campaign staffers, with those familiar with the moves describing the shuffle as a "reboot" of his 2024 campaign.

The 45th president doubted the governor's ability to pull off a successful reboot, even suggesting that this is his third instance of rebooting so far.

"This is his third one," Trump told Breitbart, adding that he believes one of the Florida governor's primary downfalls is that he has "no personality."

Trump also noted that if it weren't for his endorsement power, DeSantis would likely not be the governor of Florida right now.

"The only reason he won in the first place was because I endorsed him," the former president said. "He was dead. He was down by 30 something points to Adam Putnam who was the Secretary of Agriculture. He came and asked me if I would endorse him. I didn’t know Adam Putnam and I endorsed Ron and he went up like a rocket ship as soon as I endorsed him. But that wasn’t him going up."


But that wasn't all Trump had to say about DeSantis. The former president slammed him as a "lousy" presidential candidate. He also suggested that other GOP contenders would soon jump ahead of the Florida governor to take the second-place spot in the polling.

"People said he was a lousy candidate," Trump said. "He turned out to be a lousy candidate. I don’t think he’s going to be second very long. It looks like he’s being superseded by others or getting very close."

Even with the multiple indictments and constant stream of negative press coverage, Trump seems to be using it all as campaign fuel and still dominates the Republican field, both in national and state-level polling.

Only time will tell if DeSantis can manage the comeback of the century, but so far, his chances aren't looking great.

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