Trump trial updates: 'That was a lie!' Trump's attorney dismantles  Michael Cohen's Testimony

 May 20, 2024

Michael Cohen has returned to the stand for a third day of questioning in the criminal trial of Donald Trump, which is a bombshell. 

The defense is attempting to tie the former fixer to the numerous "lies" that he has committed, as The Daily Mail reported. Cohen provided an explanation for his previous statements, in which he stated, "I really f***ing hope this man ends up in prison."

He also revealed how the former president was "dangling" a pardon in front of him, which he pondered accepting in order to "end the nightmare" of the Stormy Daniel hush money controversy.

The smoking gun might be angry texting ...

In the event that Michael Cohen is found guilty by the receipts that defense attorneys have brought to light in court, it would be an agonizing twist if it occurred with text messages in which he sent frightening texts to a teenager about the matter.

According to Cohen's testimony, this is the kind of "bullying" that he engaged in for a number of years on behalf of his client, Donald Trump. Nevertheless, on Thursday, he was compelled to confront his own texts, in which he threatened to bring the Secret Service to the attention of an individual who was making frequent harassing phone calls.

A few key takeaways:

The numbers of Cohen's lies appear to be increasing. In addition, attorney Todd Blanche has been successful in convincing him to accept it himself.

Records indicate that he lied In front of Robert Mueller. During his time working for Trump, he concealed information from a congressional committee on a Moscow tower that he was investigating.

He went so far as to lie to a judge when he was found guilty of three felonies that resulted in his being sentenced to prison. The prosecution has made an effort to get ahead of some of these during direct evidence; but, jurors who are keeping track may be surprised by the figures.

There is a trail of resentment ...

As someone who has gone in political circles in New York and Washington, Cohen is aware of what it is like to receive a top invitation, as well as what it is like to be left on the curb feeling like a has-been.

Complaints about having difficulty obtaining tickets to the Trump inauguration were discovered in texts that Cohen sent to his daughter. This occurred after Cohen had assisted in the management of two campaigns.

Judge Merchan searching for exits ...

Attorneys were instructed by Judge Merchan to be prepared to provide their summary arguments as soon as Tuesday. This is in spite of the fact that Todd Blanche has not ruled out the possibility of testimony from former President Trump himself.

In addition, he is figuring out how to avoid lengthy interruptions in the flow of the trial, which is an indication that he may have his sights set on finishing it by Memorial Day.

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