Trump VP contender J.D. Vance skips Biden's State of the Union, accurately predicts 'lies'

 March 8, 2024

Pro-Trump Republican senator J.D. Vance (Oh.) boycotted Joe Biden's State of the Union Speech on Thursday night, predicting the embattled president would tell lies to the American people about the way the country is doing. 

Vance said he had no interest in "legitimizing" Biden's misleading claims about the economy and the southern border.

“This state of the union is a farce thanks to Joe Biden’s disgraceful job performance,” Vance told Breitbart News.

“Tonight, he’s going to stand before the American people and lie about the state of our economy, the security of our borders, and the safety of our citizens. I’m not interested in legitimizing the president’s lies about the destruction his policies have caused for this country," Vance said.

Biden's speech full of lies

Vance's assessment of Biden's speech turned out to be pretty accurate.

Biden's hour-long remarks were full of spurious boasts about the economy, as he attempted to shift blame for the border crisis that has become a major threat to his re-election.

He described the economy as "the envy of the world" and took credit for creating millions of jobs that were lost during the lockdown-induced COVID recession.

Biden also claimed to have cut the deficit by a trillion dollars, a wild assertion that is belied by an explosion of federal spending on his watch.

The speech was widely noted and criticized for its angry and divisive tone.

With the Supreme Court in the audience, Biden blasted the justices over their historic decision to end Roe v. Wade.

Biden also made numerous disparaging remarks about Donald Trump, whom he compared to dictators like Vladimir Putin and Hitler. He rehashed familiar rhetoric about January 6th, which he compared twice to the Civil War.

Shifting blame on the border

It’s unclear if Biden’s demagoguery about "democracy" and abortion will convince voters to look past the day-to-day degradation of life in America.

The economy remains challenging for many, with inflation cooling but prices and interest rates well above their pre-pandemic levels. House affordability is at its worst in decades, and the labor market has slowed.

Immigration is also at the top of voters' minds, owing to a string of shocking and violent crimes by foreigners, including the murder of a 22-year-old nursing student from Georgia.

During his speech, Biden blasted Republicans for shooting down a "border bill" that Biden described as the "toughest" ever proposed in Congress.

Republicans argue that Biden is trying to shift blame for a crisis that he caused and is capable of solving on his own through executive action.

The rebuttal was given by Alabama Senator Katie Britt (R), who, like Senator Vance, is new to Congress and widely seen as a contender for Trump's VP slot.

Britt's delivery was criticized by some as awkward and overly theatrical.

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