Trump was 'brutally bored', 'unlikely' he fell asleep in court: lawyer

 April 17, 2024

Allies of 81-year-old President Biden pounced on reports that his rival Donald Trump dozed off during jury selection in his New York "hush money" trial.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba dismissed the story as "unlikely" and suggested Trump is "brutally bored" by the proceedings. 

Trump dozing rumors

The trial is not televised, leaving outsiders reliant on reports from journalists at the courthouse.

The New York Times' Maggie Haberman was the first to report that Trump nodded off. The claim spread like wildfire and led to mockery from the Biden campaign and its allies - who have sought to downplay concerns about Biden's age.

During an interview with Fox News' Martha MacCallum, Trump lawyer Alina Habba said she had never seen Trump fall asleep in court before.

"It's unlikely"

“But no, you know, I’ve heard that report. It’s unlikely,” Habba continued. “I know him. I sat through trial after trial with him. That never happens. So President Trump is incredibly focused.”

She said Trump is likely "bored" by the trial, which could last six weeks. Trump is required to attend the entire trial, including its plodding procedural stages.

So far, seven jurors have been seated. The trial breaks on Wednesdays.

"I mean, it’s painful. They make him sit there through jury selection. The first day was procedural," Habba said.

More fake news?

The Trump campaign dismissed the reports of Trump dozing as "100% Fake News coming from ‘journalists’ who weren’t even in the court room.”

Out of the four criminal cases that Trump is facing, the "hush money" trial is considered the least serious - but Trump opponents are savoring every second because it is the only one that is certain to reach a verdict before the presidential election.

Outside the courtroom, Trump has been his usual lively self, venting frustration with the case and its impact on his ability to freely campaign.

"This is a trial that should have never been brought. ... I should be right now in Pennsylvania, in Florida, in many other states -- North Carolina, Georgia -- campaigning," Trump said Tuesday.

Trump has complained about bias from the judge, who refused to step aside from the case despite donating to Biden in 2020.

Some have predicted the trial could create sympathy for Trump, who has compared himself to Nelson Mandela.

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