Trump weaken Biden by claiming he won't be Democratic nominee

 January 1, 2024

Breitbart News' Matthew Boyle acknowledged former President Donald Trump's prediction that President Joe Biden may not be the Democratic presidential nominee as a "plausible scenario" during his appearance on America First with host Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Boyle suggested that Trump's statement serves as a strategic move to weaken and undermine Biden, reminiscent of a similar prediction made in 2015 regarding Hillary Clinton's potential replacement by Biden.

Not the first time

Boyle emphasized the political nature of Trump's tactic, aiming to exploit Biden's perceived weaknesses and erode confidence in his candidacy, especially among Democrats, union members, and African American voters.

Boyle referenced Trump's historical strategy, noting that the former president had previously speculated about Clinton's inability to run due to the email server scandal.

While acknowledging that Trump's predictions may not always materialize, Boyle highlighted the political maneuver's dual purpose: presenting a credible scenario while strategically undercutting Biden's standing among diverse voter groups.

"It’s a political move and so Trump is weakening his opponent by throwing out an entirely plausible scenario… Obviously Joe Biden’s weak on the Democrat side; even Democrats don’t like Joe Biden. Even rank and file Democrat union members out there around the country, that’s a big part of the interview," Boyle's said during the interview.

Trump growing in popularity

Trump's emphasis on the weakening Democratic coalition, particularly among African American voters and union workers, was highlighted by Boyle.

Trump suggested that his appeal is growing among these demographics, posing a threat to the Democrats' traditional support base.

Boyle argued that Trump's move aims to prompt Americans from various political affiliations, including Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and socialists, to question Biden's suitability as the Democratic nominee, portraying him as unfit for the role.

The strategy

Boyle outlined the broader context of Trump's strategy, emphasizing its impact on the upcoming elections.

Trump's assessment of a potential depression similar to 1929 if he does not win underscores the gravity he assigned to the political situation.

Trump's strategic prediction about Biden's nomination is seen by Boyle as a political maneuver to exploit perceived weaknesses and erode support within the Democratic coalition.

The move serves to prompt a broader questioning of Biden's suitability across diverse political spectrums, aligning with Trump's larger narrative about the Democrats' weakening coalition and his prospects in the upcoming elections.

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