Trump calls U.S. Attorney Weiss a 'coward' for giving Hunter Biden 'traffic ticket' plea deal instead of 'death sentence'

 July 13, 2023

Several Republicans are still seething over the grossly apparent "sweetheart" plea deal Hunter Biden received last month following a multi-year federal criminal investigation in the office of U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss.

That includes former President Donald Trump, who attacked Weiss in a social media post on Tuesday for not more severely punishing President Joe Biden's son, despite the fact that he himself appointed Weiss to his current position, according to Rolling Stone.

As for the more severe punishment for the scandal-plagued Hunter Biden that Trump and many other Republicans had hoped to see, the former president hyperbolically suggested that a "death sentence" was warranted instead of the mere "traffic ticket" that had been received.

Trump lashes out at Weiss over Biden plea deal

"Weiss is a COWARD, a smaller version of Bill Barr, who never had the courage to do what everyone knows should have been done. He gave out a traffic ticket instead of a death sentence," former President Trump wrote Tuesday in the broadside attack against both the U.S. attorney and his own former attorney general.

"Because of the two Democrat Senators in Delaware, they got to choose and/or approve him. Maybe the judge presiding will have the courage and intellect to break up this cesspool of crime. The collusion and corruption is beyond description. TWO TIERS OF JUSTICE!" he added of Weiss and the plea deal for Hunter Biden.

That plea deal, announced by Weiss' office on June 20, included a pair of misdemeanor tax code violations that typically net the average American up to a year in prison but will likely result in just probation for the president's son.

The deal also included the apparent dropping of a felony firearms charge -- Hunter lied about his admitted drug addiction on the federal form to purchase a gun -- by being entered into a pre-trial diversion agreement instead of facing up to 10 years in prison like any other American citizen would face for the same crime.

Whistleblower allegations of partisan interference, preferential treatment

Just two days after that plea deal was announced, however, the Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee released the sworn testimony of IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, who led the five-year investigation of Hunter Biden from U.S. Attorney Weiss' office, and his allegations of partisan interference by the Justice Department in that probe and preferential treatment for the president's son.

Among the various allegations raised, the whistleblower specifically asserted that Weiss himself had privately complained to investigators that he had been blocked by other U.S. attorneys from bringing charges against Biden in jurisdictions outside Delaware and had been denied a request to be named as an independent special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Those claims directly contradict Garland's own testimony to Congress and other public statements about how there would be no interference in Weiss' probe of Biden and that he had full authority to bring charges at any time and in any jurisdiction if necessary.

Further, as explained in detail in a New York Post op-ed by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, it appears that both Garland and Weiss have engaged in a measure of "deceit" with regard to the U.S. attorney's actual ability and authority to fully pursue potentially significant and wide-ranging criminal charges against Hunter Biden.

Congressional Republicans have questions for Weiss

Fox News reported Tuesday that former President Trump is not alone in sharply scrutinizing U.S. Attorney Weiss following the "slap on the wrist" given to Hunter Biden following the lengthy criminal investigation that is said to have begun in 2018 but hit roadblocks at virtually every turn over the years -- particularly after President Joe Biden took office.

Weiss, who was indeed recommended for his current position in 2017 by the two Democratic senators from Delaware at that time, Chris Coons and Tom Carper, as Trump asserted in his Truth Social post, is now facing demands to answer several questions from top Republicans in both the House and Senate.

Whether Weiss will ever actually come before Congress to answer those questions or continue to dodge them with disingenuous semantic games is something that remains to be seen.

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