Trump winning among evangelical Christians in Iowa

 December 15, 2023

Most polls show former President Donald Trump as having a commanding lead over his GOP primary rivals ahead of next year's Iowa caucuses.

Reuters noted in an article published this week that a large part of Trump's strength comes from his popularity among evangelical Christians. One relatively young figure is working to ensure that he keeps winning their support.

Poll shows Trump is backed by 51% of Iowa evangelical voters

The news service explained that Trump's campaign has tasked 25-year-old Jackson Lane with serving as its director of faith outreach in the state.

Lane's role is considered to be crucial given that evangelical Christian voters make up roughly half of the Republican electorate in Iowa.

What's more, failure to win over enough evangelical voters contributed to Trump's narrow Iowa primary loss against Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in 2016.

Trump appears unlikely to have a similar experience this time around, as a recent NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll found that he is backed by 51% of the demographic.

Faith leaders in Iowa are rallying to Trump's side

Lane, who is the son of evangelical Christian activist David Lane, has worked to enlist Iowa faith leaders on behalf of the former president's campaign.

An example of that came earlier this year Iowa state legislator and pastor Brad Sherman led other pastors in prayer for Trump.

"The gates of hell will not prevail over him," Sherman declared. "There is a great victory coming for this nation and the world because of the calling you've placed on this man."

Lane touts Trump's record of being "the most pro-life president ever"

Sherman also told Reuters that he developed a personal connection with the former president following the death of his adult daughter.

"It was very sincere. So I texted him a link to the obituary. He texted me back and said: 'I showed this to Melania and she cried,'" the Republican legislator recalled.

During an interview with Reuters in October, Lane touted Trump's achievements on issues that evangelical voters care about, stressing, "Trump was the most pro-life president ever. Just look at what he's done. The man is a rock star when it comes to evangelicals and speaking to that base."

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