Trump wins court victory against Stormy Daniels on day of indictment

 April 5, 2023

A federal appeals court in California ordered Stormy Daniels to pay legal fees to Donald Trump, handing the former president a small victory on the same day that he was arraigned in lower Manhattan over hush money payments to the porn star.

Daniels was ordered to pay Trump $122,000, a small fraction of the exorbitant costs Trump has incurred in the courts fighting a series of political "witch hunts."

In the latest and most dramatic witch hunt of all, Trump pled not guilty Tuesday to 34 felony counts of "falsifying business records" for allegedly covering up hush money payments he made to Daniels during the 2016 campaign.

Trump wins court victory

While Trump's arraignment dominated the news, he quietly scored a win in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court ruled that Trump's lawyers made "reasonable" requests for compensation from Daniels, who unsuccessfully sued Trump for defamation in 2018.

Trump had accused Daniels of a "con job" after she claimed a strange man approached her in a Las Vegas parking lot and warned her to stay quiet about a sexual encounter that Trump says never happened. Daniels even released a "composite sketch" of the man.

A judge later found that Trump's rhetoric was protected by the First Amendment, and Daniels was ordered to pay nearly $300,000 in legal fees.

Daniels was then ordered to pay another $245,000 after losing an appeal last year. She said at the time that she would "go to jail before I pay a penny.”

Trump reacts

In a Truth Social post, Trump hailed his latest victory against "Horse Face" and contrasted the "totally legal" $130,000 hush money payment to the millions in tax dollars that will likely be consumed in Manhattan's criminal case against him.

“Alvin Bragg shut down New York City, brought in 38,000 NYPD officers, and will spend an estimated $200,000,000 of NYC funds, for a totally legal $130,000 NDA," Trump wrote.

"On top of all that, the 9th Circuit Court just awarded me $122,000 — over the $500,000 already awarded, from Stormy ‘Horseface’ Daniels!” he added.

Trump's lawyer Harmeet Dhillon also hailed the court victory, saying Trump has now won $600,00 in legal fees from Daniels.

“Congratulations to President Trump on this final attorney fee victory in his favor this morning,” Dhillon said.

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