Trump's attorneys could use extreme delay tactics in indictment case: Report

 April 2, 2023

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg might have been able to convince a grand jury to indict former President Donald Trump. Still, the 45th president is no stranger to playing master-level chess as far as legal issues are concerned. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump's legal team is likely already planning complex maneuvers to outwit and outlast the prosecution, as he's done in other legal battles throughout his career as a businessman and president.

One of those maneuvers includes delaying the case as long as possible, which would delay possible charges until well into the 2024 presidential campaign or perhaps beyond, making it virtually impossible for any kind of conviction, or at least for one to stick.

With some of the best legal minds in the business, Trump stands a strong chance at ultimately defeating Bragg and his obvious political witch hunt.

What's next?

Trump, as a business mogul, is well known for his ability to outlast his legal opponents.

The Examiner noted:

However, he still has a list of options to choose from in order to delay his case: file motions of appeal, attempt to dismiss the case entirely, request to relocate the trial outside of New York City, seek to move the case from state to federal court or seek to reduce charges from being considered felonies to misdemeanors, among other things.

The former president has already said a number of times on his Truth Social platform that getting a fair trial in New York City would be virtually impossible at this point, making a strong case for his legal team to justifiably request a change of venue.

Catherine Christian, a 30-year veteran of the Manhattan district attorney’s office, agreed, adding that there are numerous ways for Trump's legal defense team to stretch this out for a very long time.

"If they’re doing their job, they’re going to do everything they can to delay, delay, delay, delay," she told Politico.

She added: "Every single motion they can think of. That’s what they’re going to file."

Target the grand jury

Michael Scotto, a former chief of the Rackets Bureau, told Politico that Trump and his team could also focus on the grand jury and determine how exactly they arrived at the conclusion that Trump should be indicted.

"You’d … make a motion to ask for the court to review the grand jury minutes and determine whether or not the D.A. presented legally sufficient evidence," Scotto explained.

He added: "It’s not the lockbox it is in the federal system."

However Trump's lawyers proceed will surely frustrate Bragg and his minions to no end, as they clearly do not realize that they just brought a dull butter knife to a proverbial gun fight.


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