Trump's civil fraud trial marked by bizarre moments on Wednesday

 October 19, 2023

Reuters reported that former President Donald Trump was back in court this week for his New York state civil fraud trial.

While the case concerns allegations that Trump inflated the value of his assets to obtain loans, that issue was overshadowed by a number of odd details.

Female court employee shouts support for Trump

According to Newsweek, a woman was arrested on Wednesday after she loudly declared her support for the former president.

Lucian Chalfen serves as a spokesperson for the New York State Unified Court System, and he released a statement explaining that the woman in question is an employee of the court.

He said the woman began "by standing up and walking towards the front of the courtroom and yelling out to Mr. Trump indicating she wanted to assist him."

"This individual was stopped by court officers before she got near Mr. Trump or any of the attorneys or other litigants," Chalfen stated, adding, "None of the parties were ever in any danger."

Woman facing charges following arrest

"The individual was safely escorted out of the courtroom and the courthouse by uniformed court officers and has been charged with Contempt of Court in the 2nd degree, i.e. disrupting a court proceeding."

Law360 reporter Frank Runyeon put up footage on the social media platform previously known as Twitter in which a woman could be seen being put into a police car.

The Associated Press reported that the woman told court officers, "You’re scaring me, and I have a right to be here. I’m an American citizen, and I’m also a court employee. I’m also just here to support Donald Trump."

Judge tells Trump to lower his voice

Meanwhile, Axios reported that the court saw additional drama on Wednesday when Judge Arthur Engoron told Trump to lower his voice when speaking with attorneys.

Kevin Wallace is a lawyer with the New York Attorney General's office, and he complained that Trump's voice could be heard on the witness' side of the courtroom.

Wallace went on to request that Engoron instruct the defense team to "stop commenting during the witness' testimony."

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