Trump's former VP releases book despite floundering in the polls

 November 15, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence was forced to withdraw from the Republican Party's primary race late last month after his campaign failed to catch on.

However, that stunning lack of popularity hasn't stopped the former vice president from releasing a new book. 

Pence co-authored book with daughter

According to Fox News, Pence co-authored "Go Home for Dinner: Advice on How Faith Makes a Family and Family Makes a Life" with his daughter Charlotte Pence Bond.

During a Tuesday appearance on "Fox & Friends" Pence praised his daughter, who previously wrote "Where You Go: Life Lessons From My Father" along with a series of children's books.

Book details family stories

"My daughter is really an accomplished author," the former vice president boasted as he sat alongside the 30-year-old Bond.

"And when I signed a deal with Simon & Schuster for two books, an autobiography and then a book on family, there was no one else that I wanted to work with other than my daughter because of her talent and because she's lived this," he continued.

Pence explained that the new book features various personal and family anecdotes, all of which "were stories that she lived."

"And in all those years we tried to take those principles [of putting family first] that came out of our faith and put them into practice — and you know, I hope it's an encouragement to people around the country to do just the same,"  he continued.

Warning about the state of marriage and family

Meanwhile, Bond said that the book's "structure kind of came together" as she and her father were writing it, adding, "A lot of times it was the lesson that came out of the story — and sometimes they were synonymous."

Fox News quoted the book as warning that "the American family is in free fall" as "[m]arriage is on the decline, and raising children is seen as more of a burden than a blessing."

"My dad would have an idea for the lesson — and we would know" that the story would be applicable. "It was pretty natural how it happened, and it's just a way that I feel that we look at life. We looked for the lessons and the stories."

In addition to discussing the Pence family, the book also looks at figures like Nancy Hanks Lincoln along with Presidents Calvin Coolidge, James Madison and Ronald Reagan.

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