Trump's lawyers file motion to dismiss hush money case after prosecution rests

 May 21, 2024

The New York "hush money" trial of former President Donald Trump has taken several wild twists and turns in recent days. 

One of those twists was a motion filed by Trump's lawyers to dismiss the case in the wake of the prosecution announcing that it had finished.

According to ABC News, defense attorney Todd Blanche argued to Judge Juan Merchan that the business records and business filings were in no way, shape, or form "false," as DA Bragg and his prosecutors had claimed.

"There's absolutely no evidence the filings were false, the business records were false," Blanche said as he moved to have the case dismissed.

Not entered improperly

Blanche went on to argue that when Michael Cohen sent invoices for his payment to the Trump Organization, there's simply no evidence that the records were improperly entered and accounted for.

"At the start, there is absolutely no false business filings. They're accurate business filings," Blanche said, drawing Trump's attention at that moment.

Blanche added, "There's no evidence that there's any intent to defraud by Mr. Trump in connection to these filings."

ABC News noted:

There are no other crimes," defense attorney Todd Blanche argued about the legal standard in the case -- that Trump falsified business records in furtherance of another crime. "There is no evidence that any one was thinking about a campaign finance charge in 2016 when this payment was made to Ms. Daniels."

Blanche doubled down, claiming that the "conspiracy" that the records were altered to influence the 2016 was a fantasy.

"The prosecutors have talked in their opening statement and in papers about some sort of conspiracy to influence the election but as the court knows there has to be something illegal about this effort," Blanche said. "There's no evidence from any of the witnesses who testified of any criminal intent."

"Phenomenal case"

The former president insisted at the end of the day that he and his lawyers won the case, given what had transpired, calling it a "phenomenal case," according to Fox News.

"We have a phenomenal case. We've won the case by any standard; any other judge would have thrown this case, any other judge would have thrown this case out. And I think that Juan Merchan would do himself and the state and the city a great service by doing what everybody knows should be done," Trump said Tuesday morning.

Trump added, "I will be doing something in the morning and then probably coming back in the afternoon, and we'll be resting pretty quickly. Resting, meaning resting the case. I won't be resting. I don't rest. I'd like to rest sometimes, but I don't get to rest. But we are."

As of this writing, the judge said he would consider the motion to dismiss, but no final decision has been issued.

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