Trump's Mar-a-Lago Valet Comes Forward

 March 13, 2024

A witness in the case against former President Donald Trump has SPOKEN OUT.

Now, the ultimate twist in the Trump trial has been revealed.

Brian Butler, a former valet who worked at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home for more than 20 years, has given his testimony.

Butler sat down for an on-camera CNN interview where he spilled the truth about what took place during the days he worked for Donald Trump.

Butler is a long-time friend of Walt Nauta, an aide to Trump.

He went on to discuss the day a communication with Nauta ended in Butler transporting multiple boxes of classified documents.

“I left Mar-a-Lago. I texted him, "Hey, I’m on my way." He followed me. He pulled out and got behind me. We got to the airport. I ended up loading all the luggage I had – and he had a bunch of boxes,” said Butler.

He did not stop there.

“They were the boxes that were in the indictment, the white bankers boxes. That’s what I remember loading,” Butler told CNN.

Butler says he did not know at the time that the boxes were filled with such classified information.

Butler also shared his personal feelings on being forced to answer questions about one of his long-time friends, Walt Nauta, an aide to Trump.

“I felt like it was a total no-win situation for me. I mean, they’re asking me questions about one of my best friends. I’m being honest. But I also have a bad feeling that what I’m saying is getting him into trouble. Nobody should have to go through that. And for him (Trump) to get up there all the time and say the things he says about this being a witch hunt and everything. … He just can’t take responsibility for anything,” Butler continued.

Butler also went on to say that he is willing to testify in the Florida case against Trump.

Butler’s sudden willingness does make you wonder why after all this time has he decided to step forward?

Is there an ulterior motive at play here?

Butler is wrong about one thing – there IS a witch hunt against Trump. His involvement this late in the game is PROOF of that.

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