Trump's request to skip classified documents hearing granted by Judge Aileen Cannon

 May 19, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has been mostly involved in his New York "hush money" trial, but his other legal issues are still ongoing. 

According to Raw Story, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, the judge overseeing the federal classified documents case brought forth by Special Counsel Jack Smith, gave Trump permission to skip a hearing involving the case due to his ongoing New York trial.

The classified documents case took a massive turn recently when Judge Cannon delayed the trial indefinitely.

The classified documents trial was set to begin later this month. With the delay, it's not expected to begin until after the November election, which was a massive victory for Trump and his lawyers.

What's going on?

Law & Crime reported the news of the motion filed by Trump's lawyers to skip the hearing, noting that Smith did not object to the request and it was quickly granted by the judge.

Raw Story noted:

"Early Friday afternoon, the 45th president’s attorneys filed an unopposed motion seeking leave from the court to skip a May 22 hearing that is focused on two motions to dismiss the indictment filed by co-defendant Waltine 'Walt' Nauta, 41, Trump’s personal valet. The defense motion notes that Trump had 'previously scheduled travel outside of' southern Florida because he is 'on trial in Manhattan Supreme Court' over hush-money-related allegations."

In addition, one of Trump's lawyers, Todd Blanche, is working both the hush money trial and the classified documents case.

"The hearing that Trump will miss is about Nauta’s motion to dismiss the indictment over claims of vindictive prosecution, which was filed in late April," the Law & Crime report continued.

"The hearing will also deal with Nauta’s late February motion to dismiss over insufficient pleading, which claims the indictment used a 'shotgun pleading' to link 'varying allegations' against Trump to Nauta even though they have 'nothing to do with' the latter man." Prosecutors working for special counsel have rejected all these claims.

Walt Nauta was charged along with Trump in the classified documents case, and is still reportedly his valet at Mar-a-Lago. He, along with Trump, pleaded not guilty to the charges.


Cannon's order to delay the classified documents trial indefinitely due to a backlog of motions was nothing short of a major victory for the former president and his lawyers.

The news came at roughly the same time Trump scored a win in a Georgia appeals court regarding the status of Fulton County DA Fani Willis. The appeals panel will allow the president's lawyers to challenge the decision that allowed Willis to stay on the case.

Many legal observers have speculated that Trump will not be convicted in the hush money case, given the difficulty of convincing a jury that an actual crime had been committed.

Only time will tell if that changes, but relatively speaking, Trump is doing much better on the legal front now.

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