Trump's adult sons take stand in NY civil fraud trial, refute allegations from prosecutors

 November 3, 2023

Both of former President Donald Trump's adult sons, Don Jr. and Eric, took the stand to testify Thursday in the ongoing civil fraud trial in New York and sought to refute the allegations from prosecutors against them, their father, and the family business, according to The New York Times.

Don Jr.'s testimony was described as "calm but defensive" while Eric's was characterized as "combative" but, in the end, both of Trump's sons defended the Trump Organization's practices and denied any real involvement in any sort of alleged wrongdoing.

Their testimony sparked fury and disbelief among Trump-hating Democrats and their media allies, who were seemingly under the false impression ahead of time that both sons would crumble under pressure and give up their father and the company to prosecutors working for New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has made the demise of Trump and his business empire her top priority.

Sons claim no real involvement in financial statements

CBS News reported that both Don Jr. and Eric "downplayed" their supposed level of involvement in crafting and exploiting allegedly manipulated and inflated financial statements about the Trump Organization in order to defraud banks and insurance companies.

Don Jr., who provided "cordial responses" to questions and was "cracking jokes" in the courtroom explained that he had very little to do with the financial statements prepared by accountants both within and outside of the company other than to sign off on them.

"These people had an incredible, intimate knowledge and I relied on them," he said at one point, and later reiterated, "I relied on Mazars and our accounting team to tell me what is accurate within the confines of accounting. That's why we have accountants."

As for Eric, who was pressed by prosecutors over decade-old appraisals for certain properties, he initially denied any involvement whatsoever with such appraisals but eventually, when confronted with past emails and conversations on the topic, conceded, "I was clearly involved, but to a very small point."

Don Jr. cracks jokes on the stand

The New York Post reported on Don Jr.'s apparent congenial attitude when he took the stand to testify on Thursday and highlighted a number of humorous quips he made that drew laughter from the court, including even the judge and prosecutors.

That included self-deprecating jokes about how he looked for reporters' cameras and the sketch artist, laugh lines about the pronunciation of certain words common within "accounting lingo," and even the rapid rate at which he speaks that the court stenographer had difficulty keeping up, which he attributed to having "kept the New York pace" despite moving to Florida, among other things.

As for the allegations against him and others about inflated financial statements, he also injected a bit of levity into his response at one point and said, "I rely on professionals and CPAs. We pay millions of dollars and [they] have great degrees."

Trump lashes out at judge and AG during sons' testimony

Former President Trump, for his part, appeared to tack alongside son Eric's more "combative" tone as opposed to Don Jr.'s humor when he weighed in on social media Thursday afternoon about the ongoing proceedings involving the demanded testimony of his progeny.

"So sad to see my sons being PERSECUTED in a political Witch Hunt by this out of control, publicity seeking, New York State Judge, on a case that should have NEVER been brought. Legal Scholars Scream Disgrace!" Trump said in a post to his Truth Social account.

He went on to assert that his net worth was even greater than the supposedly inflated financial statements and accused the prosecution's "star witness" of having "lied" on the stand earlier before again attacking the judge and the New York attorney general.

"Banks and Insurance Companies made money, not even a minor default, and there were NO VICTIMS, except for the people getting mugged and murdered on the sidewalks of New York while our Corrupt Attorney General sits on her ass in Court all day watching the Trump family be abused by a Trump-Hating Judge that said a Billion Dollar house is only worth $18,000,000 Million Dollars!!!" Trump added.

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