Trump's VP shortlist contains about a 'dozen' lawmakers and 'Republican personalities'

 April 2, 2024

The next dominating news cycle will be the day former President Donald Trump announces his running mate on the 2024 presidential ticket. 

For months, Trump and some of those in his inner circle have hinted and leaked the names of various potential VP picks.

According to Politico, Trump's VP search has recently been taken to the next level as the former president has reportedly discussed, in private conversations, the possibility of roughly a dozen potential VP candidates.

An inside source revealed that the VP shortlist, as it stands, currently contains the names of "a dozen lawmakers and other Republican personalities."

What's going on?

Top Trump adviser Susie Wiles is reportedly spearheading the VP hunt. It was noted that Trump's campaign has already enlisted a company that specializes in vetting potential VP picks and preparing research documents on them.

Notably, Melania Trump, who had a heavy influence on selecting former Vice President Mike Pence, has been kept in the loop as far as potential running mates are concerned.

Other family members, like Donald Trum Jr., have also spoken to the former president about potential VP picks.

Politico noted:

While who is up or down seemingly changes by the minute, the list has included everyone from Tim Scott and Kristi Noem to Byron Donalds, Elise Stefanik, Tulsi Gabbard and J.D. Vance, whom Trump has called a "fighter."

One source familiar with the VP hunt, which is expected to take "months" to narrow down a candidate, said the selection process is akin to an "Apprentice-style" search for the perfect candidate.

Many believe Trump and his campaign are focusing on which VP candidate can bring in the most votes that the former president wouldn't necessarily be able to wrangle, but Trump has indicated that his top priority is finding someone "who is going to be a good president … in case of emergency."

Electoral considerations

That being said, the former president was described as being "sensitive" to how the right candidate could boost the numbers in what could be a razor-thin margin of victory in the November election.

While the rankings of the VP shortlist are seemingly in flux each week, Politico noted some of the top contenders at the current time.

But it includes Sens. Scott of South Carolina, Vance of Ohio, Katie Britt of Alabama and Marco Rubio of Florida, as well as Govs. Noem of South Dakota, Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas and Doug Burgum of North Dakota. Donalds, the Florida representative, and Gabbard, the former Hawaii representative, among others, are also being considered or have been floated by Trump.

Some congressman and others who have spoken with Trump indicated that the former president will ask them about certain people as possible VP picks.

Only time will tell who he selects, but it's sure to kick off the biggest news cycle of the year when he does.

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