Tucker Carlson asserts that Gavin Newsom is leading a 'coup' against Joe Biden

 June 28, 2023

During the seventh episode of his Twitter program, Tucker Carlson claimed that California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is conducting the "coup" to succeed President Joe Biden as the leader of the Democratic Party.

Carlson referenced the most recent IRS whistleblower revelations that demonstrated Biden was in the same room as his son Hunter while the younger Biden was messaging his Chinese business affiliate with ties to the CCP, as Breitbart News reported.

Carlson's Comments

The former Fox News commentator commented on the media’s characterization of the story as one of a “father’s love,” Carlson said, “That’s the way you talk, when you’ve got nothing to fear from an upcoming presidential election.”

“You don’t even bother to think of an excuse for your candidate because you don’t need to; your country has electronic voting machines.

"Joe Biden got 81,282,916 votes in 2020. And you’re pretty sure he can do it again. In fact, you know he can; you’re not worried,” Carlson added.

Nonetheless, he stated that Democrats "should be a little worried" because Biden, who will be 85 at the conclusion of his second term, has "begun that descent" from "acuity to permanent unconsciousness."

Carlson's Thoughts About the Future

Carlson acknowledged that if Biden were unable to complete his term, the keys to the nation's highest office would pass to Vice President Kamala Harris, whose net favorability recently hit a record low for a vice president.

“That means Kamala Harris will become President of the United States. And nobody wants that. Not even her husband. In real life Nnobody likes Kamala Harris, That’s not an attack on her. In fact, it’s possible to feel pity for someone who’s so universally reviled,” Carlson said.

“It is instead an observation of unchanging physical reality, like gravity or photosynthesis. Nobody wants Kamala Harris to be president. No one will benefit if she becomes president.”

The commentator asserted that whoever the Democrats decide to replace Biden with would have to be “as shallow, ruthless, and transactional” as Biden.

“And there’s only one man in modern America who fits that description. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California and perhaps not coincidentally, Joe Biden’s new closest friend,” Carlson noted.

Carlson went so far as to mock Newsom for claiming that he is “mesmerized” by Biden: “‘I get mesmerized by you, Joe Biden.’ Imagine saying that as a compliment. You couldn’t do it.

"Few human beings could do it, but Gavin Newsom had no problem at all,” Carlson concluded. “Those words rolled right off his fork tongue. He never stopped smiling. So if you’re looking for the leader of the coup, there he is right there.”

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