Tucker Carlson is facing 'criticism' for Sinclair interview

 September 9, 2023

Tucker Carlson is now facing what some are calling "criticism" following his recent interview with Larry Sinclair. 

In case you missed the interview, here it is:

The caption itself may give you some idea about what is going on here.

The backstory and the interview

Sinclair has had many run-ins with the law going all the way back to the 1980s. From larceny to fraud to forgery to much more, Sinclair has a lengthy criminal history.

Sinclair, though, is perhaps best known for claims that he has made, since at least 2008, about former President Barack Obama. Sinclair repeated some of these claims during his recent interview with Carlson.

The New York Post reports:

Sinclair, 61, repeated the debunked claim he first made 15 years ago that he didn’t know who Obama was when allegedly meeting the little-known Illinois state senator in 1999. “I was in Chicago looking for a party … I gave Barack $250 to pay for coke and start putting a line on a CD tray, and just snort,” he recalled. “It was definitely not Barack’s first time,” Sinclair added in response to Carlson’s question of whether the intercourse was transactional.

The Post labeled this claim "debunked."

But, Carlson, in his above tweet, seemed to suggest that the point of the interview was for the people, themselves, to decide whether or not Sinclair's claims are credible.

Big names weigh in

There have already been some big names who have weighed in on the credibility of Sinclair's claims, including X owner Elon Musk.

"Of course, the probability that his claims are true would have to rest on objective evidence, rather than claims made by someone with a dubious history," Musk tweeted.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy also weighed in, writing:

I would trust Anna Delvey before I trusted anything Larry Sinclair said. Top to bottom maybe the least trustworthy human I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’d say his story has 0.0% [chance] of being true and that’s generous.

Some outlets are trying to claim that the likes of Portnoy and Musk, here, are "slamming" Carlson. But, Portnoy and Musk clearly directed their remarks at Sinclair - not Carlson.

The Washington Examiner, on the other hand, has criticized Carlson for "abandon[ing] journalistic ethics" by "push[ing a] conspiracy theory about Obama." This does raise an important question: was it wrong of Carlson to give Sinclair a platform? We will leave that for you to judge for yourself.

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