Tucker Carlson on transgender activists: 'The most dangerous extremist group'

 April 9, 2023

The Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson just referred to transgender activists as "the most dangerous extremist group in the United States." 

Carlson did so on during Friday's broadcast of the Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson Tonight.

"That’s the most dangerous extremist group in the United States. There’s no mistaking that," Carlson said.

During Friday's program, Carlson focused on the hot-button issue of transgenderism. And, in doing so, he narrowed in on two recent events: the recent attack on former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines and the recent Nashville, Tennessee, school shooting.

America's "new religion"

Carlson used the Nashville shooting - specifically the political left's response to it - to make the argument that, for many Americans, pro-transgenderism is part of the left's "new religion."

"In America's new religion, the victims are not the children who died in Nashville," Carlson said. "The victim is the woman who killed them, because Audrey Hale called herself transgender. She was, by definition, a holy martyr."

Hale, the shooter, indeed was a transgender individual, and the police officers who responded to the school shooting killed Hale. In the wake of the shooting, many on the political left, including the Biden administration, tried to make it appear that Hale was the victim - that the shooting was just Hale lashing out in response to Republican laws that look to, among other things, stop transgender surgeries from being performed on children.

"Converts to this faith, abandon their old lives and embrace an entirely new – their former identities no longer exist," Carlson said. "They're dead names. But here's one big difference, transgenderists do not believe in the god of monotheism."

Rather, Carlson said that "they believe that they themselves are God with the power to control nature and if you think about it, this should be a concern because it's a recipe for extremism."

"The most dangerous extremist group"

A little later on, Carlson went on to talk about the recent attack on Riley Gaines.

In case you missed it, Gaines - the former NCAA swimmer who now is a leading advocate for preventing biological males who identify as females from participating in women's sports - was recently attacked - by pro-transgender activists - during a speech that she gave at San Francisco State University.

Carlson, on his program, used Gaines as an example of what happens when someone attempts to stand up to the new transgender cultists.

"That's the most dangerous extremist group in the United States," Carlson said. "There's no mistaking that."

Referring to the attack on Gaines, Carlson said, "If there is such a thing as a hate crime, you just saw it. And yet the Biden administration and its thoroughly corrupt Department of Justice won't acknowledge that any of that happened because they endorse it happening."

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