Tucker Carlson ready for 'war' with Fox News: Report

 May 8, 2023

Days after his unceremonious firing from Fox News, there are more questions than answers about Tucker Carlson's abrupt ouster -- and the star pundit's next plans. But a new report says the commentator is ready to go to "war" with his former employer.

Axios reports that Carlson is chafing to move on to his next venture, but is currently limited by his contract with Fox, which lasts until January 2025. Fox is reportedly willing to pay Carlson $20 million a year to not work until his contract is up.

But his lawyer shared a defiant statement, telling Axios that Carlson will not be silenced.

"The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous," he said.

Carlson ready for "war"

At Fox, Carlson was the top cable host in America, regularly drawing in over 3 million viewers. Carlson has already been approached by the likes of Rumble and Newsmax, and the journalist has also thought about starting his own direct-to-consumer outlet, Axios said. 

Initially, Carlson wanted a "quiet" and "clean" separation with Fox, but he is ready to shift to a more offensive strategy as Fox seeks to shut him up, a friend of Carlson told Axios. 

"Now, we're going from peacetime to Defcon 1," a friend added. "His team is preparing for war. He wants his freedom."

Another source said Carlson "knows where a lot of bodies are buried, and is ready to start drawing a map."

Fox leaks, and leaks, and leaks

Carlson released a cryptic Twitter video days after his firing that hinted at new beginnings. The clip quickly racked up millions of views.

Meanwhile, Fox has struggled in the ratings since Tucker Carlson Tonight was abruptly canceled, with a rotating series of hosts drawing a fraction of Carlson's viewership during his former 8 p.m. hour.

Like a bitter ex-lover, Fox has been allegedly leaking information about Carlson in an effort to damage him, including a private text message that supposedly "alarmed" the network in which Carlson wrote about his disapproval of "white men" who assaulted an anti-fa member.

Carlson also expressed remorse after he caught himself "rooting for the mob."

America's top journalist

Videos of Carlson have also leaked, showing him complaining about Fox Nation's streaming service, using an obscenity in reference to leftist group Media Matters and joking about his "postmenopausal" fans.

The apparent leak campaign hasn't left much of an impact, with fans saying the so-called scandalous exposures showcase Carlson's authenticity.

It goes without saying that Carlson would immediately become the hottest free agent in media once released from his contract. No wonder Fox News is losing it.

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