Tucker Carlson responds to Chuck Schumer January 6 censorship threat

March 8, 2023

Tucker Carlson responded Tuesday to an ominous call from Democrat Chuck Schumer (D-Ny.) to censor video evidence of the January 6th "insurrection."

The left erupted in howls of protest after Carlson aired previously unseen surveillance footage that undermined the melodramatic narrative that has saturated cable news over the past two years. 

Among the videos Carlson shared was a clip of the so-called "QAnon Shaman" calmly walking through the halls of the Capitol while being escorted by police. Carlson said the footage depicts a "mostly peaceful" disruption.

Carlson responds

Schumer, in a demagogic speech on the Senate floor, warned Fox News not to air additional clips after Carlson hinted that his expose wasn't finished.

"And he's going to come back tonight with another segment," Schumer said. "Fox News should tell him not do. Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, tell Carlson not to run another segment of lies."

Carlson said Tuesday that the videos "touched a nerve" because they challenge the overwrought narrative Democrats like Schumer have been repeating since the Capitol protest.

"What you're seeing is hysteria, the overstatement, the crazed hyperbole, the red-in-the-face anger. What is that? Well, it's not outrage, of course. It's fear. It's panic," Carlson said.

Establishment freak out

The Fox Host also had some words for Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who called it a "mistake" for Carlson to air the footage.

Carlson said the frenzied reaction to his reporting exposed a bi-partisan "club" that does not share the interests of the average citizen.

"So, if you're watching, this might be kind of interesting to keep a list, because one thing we learned today is that they're all in agreement with each other. They kind of outed themselves. They sort of showed their membership cards and whatever club this is to the public, so keep a list," he said.

Leftist propaganda exposed

The new videos have raised questions about whether January 6th defendants were denied access to exculpatory evidence. The QAnon shaman, whose real name is Jacob Chansley, was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for a non-violent offense.

While the protesters have been universally characterized by Democrats and the media as "insurrectionists," most of the roughly 1,000 January 6th defendants have been charged with non-violent offenses.

Democrats have often compared the Capitol protest to events like the Civil War and 9/11, however.

"The media and politicians, the people in charge, have talked about January 6 every day since it happened for 26 months and so at some point, the evidence should be presented to the public. In free countries, governments do not lie about protests as a pretext to gain more power for themselves," Carlson said.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
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