Tucker Carlson Says Government Planted Pipe Bombs At Capitol on J6

 January 22, 2024

Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s recent claim about the January 6th Capitol riots will leave your jaw on the floor.

Carlson sat down with Darren Beattie, a right-leaning conspiracy theorist, to record a new episode of his podcast, “Tucker Carlson Uncensored.”

What did Carlson have to say about the January 6th riots?

Carlson believes it was the government who was responsible for planting pipe bombs at the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) buildings the day prior to the riots.

To this day, the person/s responsible for planting the bombs have still not been identified.

Carlson says that very well may be because the government already knows who was behind the operation.

"It seems likely that government officials were involved in planting pipe bombs in Washington, D.C. three years ago, as part of an effort to keep Donald Trump from running for president again," Carlson claimed.

Carlson and Beattie went on to talk about a bizarre video from January 6th.

In the video, police outside the DNC building were approached by a man who tried to warn them of a nearby bomb he had discovered by a park bench.

The police seem to remain unphased the entire interaction.

Beattie pointed this odd interaction out saying that “the first thing that will strike you as remarkable is just how utterly unconcerned both the Metro PD and the Secret Service are about being informed that there was a pipe bomb, literally within feet of them and within feet of their protectee, who was VP-Elect Kamala Harris.”

Beattie said that there was video showing that it takes first responders “minutes to even get out of their vehicles.”

Beattie brought up another hair-raising observation.

He pointed out that if the DNC bomb really was planted by an unhinged supporter of former President Donald Trump like many assumed, why didn’t President Joe Biden’s administration use that information against Trump?

“You would think that of all institutions, the DNC would be interested in covering the identity of the person — allegedly, this MAGA terrorist who planted an explosive device right outside of their national headquarters — and yet they seem to be the least interested, all the way up to the fact that Kamala Harris, the vice president, has for some reason forgone the opportunity of milking politically the fact that she was at the DNC while the pipe bomb was there,” Beattie said.

When you consider the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris was inside the DNC building the same time the bomb was right outside, it does seem odd they did not jump at the chance to use to this narrative to their advantage politically.

Could the government be involved in planting the bombs?

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