Tucker Carlson's former primetime Fox News slot nosedives in total viewership

 April 26, 2023

Fox News just further added to the dumb decisions made by major American corporations by axing the highest-rated, most popular news host in all of television history.

As a result of the network "parting ways" with Tucker Carlson, who was the network's primetime bread and butter, the ratings are already showing the consequences, according to The Washington Times.

Carlson helmed the 8 p.m. Eastern time slot -- the gold slot for advertising -- for the past seven years.

Fans of Carlson launched a boycott of Fox News, especially Carlson's old time slot, and have clearly stood their ground.

The numbers

According to TV Newser, "Fox News Tonight," the renamed version of the show currently hosted by Brian Kilmeade, took a nosedive in the ratings this week, dropping hundreds of thousands of viewers.

On night one without Carlson, only 2,597,000 viewers tuned in to the program. That marks a devastating 20% drop in Carlson's normal viewership.

The Times noted:

Mr. Carlson’s program, however, had averaged 3.3 million viewers over the eight weeks prior to Monday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

However, the situation has become markedly worse for the network. The latest numbers now show that the network has lost even more viewers, and it is also affecting a number of other Fox News shows, as viewers have vowed to completely tune out of ever watching the network again.

"Fox News suffered a catastrophic drop in viewers after ousting Tucker Carlson. In the 8pm slot alone yesterday, Fox lost nearly 50% of total viewers and nearly 70% of viewers in demo compared to last Tuesday," Sean Davis tweeted.

Social media reaction

Fans of Carlson continued to react negatively to his departure from the network, vowing to cancel Fox News and their subscriptions to Fox Nation, the network's streaming service that leaned heavily on Carlson's intriguing specials.

One Twitter user wrote, "7:00 to 8:00 pm Central is my new banjo practice time. And without Tucker’s lead in to Hannity, I won’t be watching that. Sorry to Laura as well. May as well keep practicing. Thanks to the boneheaded decision by Fox, I may get pretty good at Foggy Mountain Breakdown."

"I canceled Fox Nation and Sling Tv. Saving be 60 bucks a month," another Twitter user wrote.

It'll be extremely interesting to see how Fox News attempts to make things right with its former viewers, but it very well might be a situation from which the network never recovers.

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