Tulsi Gabbard to speak at GOP event amid speculation that Trump will pick her for VP

 April 21, 2024

According to the Cowboy State Daily, former Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard will speak at a Republican event in Wyoming later this year.

News of Gabbard's visit comes amid growing speculation that former President Donald Trump might ask her to serve as his running mate. 

Wyoming GOP official says party is "open to new ideas, fresh ideas"

Gabbards is scheduled to attend the Red State Summit, which is being put on at the Cheyenne Civic Center in September by the Laramie County Republican Party.

Dallas Tyrrell is a Laramie County Republican Party state committeeman, and he told the website, "The party needs to look at different perspectives."

"We need a broader view to harness the most citizens. Maybe we can do that by looking at things a little different," Tyrrell continued.

He stressed that the Republican Party is "open to new ideas, fresh ideas," before adding, "We're seeing what we can do differently and grow from there."

Gabbard: Democrats are "controlled by fanatical ideologues who hate freedom"

Tyrrell went on to say he has been told by multiple Trump campaign staffers that Gabbard is "being looked at for VP" by the GOP's presumptive nominee.

The State Daily recalled how Gabbard has previously endorsed and campaigned on behalf of vocal pro-Trump figures, including Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance and Arizona GOP Senate candidate Kari Lake.

What's more, the former Hawaii congresswoman made headlines almost two years ago when she publicly announced her decision to leave the Democratic Party behind.

Gabbard told Fox News in October of 2022 that "when you look at this party, the today's Democratic Party, it's controlled by fanatical ideologues who hate freedom."

"They despise the Constitution. They actively find ways to undermine our God given rights enshrined in the Constitution, like freedom of speech, if you say something and I say something that they don't like," the former lawmaker and Army veteran complained.

Former congresswoman is "open" to speaking with Trump about VP role

As Newsweek reported, Gabbard told Fox News in February that she was "open" to speaking with Trump about potentially joining his ticket.

"I'd be open to that conversation," Gabbard was quoted as telling the network. "My mission in life is to serve our country and serve the American people and find the best way to be able to do that."

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