Twitching Tongues drummer Cayle Sain dead at 31

 December 12, 2023

Cayle Sain, the drummer for Twitching Tongues and Ghostemane, has died at the age of 31.

The musical artist's death was confirmed by his band on social media, with no cause of death provided.

The statement

Twitching Tongues' Taylor Young commented: "Cayle left an immeasurable mark on this world in experience and in music. He lived 100 lives in the span that he was with us. Everybody has or knows a hilarious Cayle story, and EVERY record he graced will stand the test of time.

"He always said he looked up to us as musicians but in truth, there's no one who came close to him as a drummer. I'm sorry my friend, we did so much cool s**t together and I wish you knew how much you'll be missed and appreciated."

The band's tribute

"Our beloved friend, brother, and drummer Cayle Sain has passed away. Aside from his unmatched talent, Cayle had the biggest heart and was the most loyal and caring friend anyone could ask for," Twitching Tongue posted to X.

"If you spent one minute with him, he loved you. Rest in peace, and goodbye for now," it continued.

His background

"Cayle Sain first became known as the drummer for the Southern California hardcore band Betrayal," Stereogum reported.

"In the past 15 years, he played on records from Downpresser, God’s Hate, Mizery, Fuming Mouth, and the metal-influenced rapper Ghostemane. Sain joined Twitching Tongues in 2015, and he was part of that band’s revival over the past year," it noted.

Several fellow bands and musicians have also taken to social media to post their tributes following his passing, including Sanguisugabogg, Fuming Mouth, Jesus Piece's Aaron Heard and Dying Wish's Emma Boster.

The band nor the drummer's family has released information related to his cause of death, with more information hopefully to follow in the days ahead related to the artist's early passing.

The drummer's legion of fans and friends reveals the impact of his young life in the music industry and beyond through several years of drumming with multiple bands. His loss has led to widespread reactions expressing their condolences of the young artist to his bandmates and those close to him, offering a ray of hope despite the tragic situation.

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