Twitter fact checks Biden's claims about job creation

 December 5, 2022

Conservatives have long complained that the fact checking services used by major social media platforms actually exist to cover for Democrats. However, that's apparently no longer the case at Twitter.

As RedState contributor Nick Arama pointed out in an article this weekend, Twitter highlighted the fact that two of President Joe Biden's recent claims were shredded by platform users. 

Biden slammed for use of misleading graph

In a tweet on Friday, Biden said he is "building an economy from the bottom up and the middle out by creating more jobs than any Administration at this point in a presidency." Yet Twitter attached a disclaimer to his tweet which read, "This graph misleadingly credits Biden for the creation of new jobs."

"The spike in jobs is more accurately attributed to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions at the state and local level," it continued, adding, "These are not 'new' jobs but instead jobs that are returning to the economy pre-COVID-19." The disclaimer then linked to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) regarding post-COVID job creation.

Meanwhile, another tweet in which the president boasted of his supposed job-created prowess received similar treatment, with Twitter again pointing to BLS numbers which suggest that the growth in employment was largely due to the COVID pandemic having waned.

President has long struggled to present facts accurately

What's more, Arama noted that Biden's difficulty when it comes to accurately presenting statistical data isn't limited to his social media posts.

During a Democratic presidential primary debate in 2020, Biden insisted that 150 million lives had been lost to firearms over the previous 13 years. For perspective, America's total population stands at just over 331 million.

"One hundred and fifty million people have been killed since 2007 when [Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders] voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability," Biden bellowed.

"More than all the wars, including Vietnam, from that point on," the candidate continued before telling gun manufacturers that he would be "coming for you."

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