Two convicted in the 2022 UK murder of Owen Dunn

December 3, 2023

In a unanimous jury verdict rendered on Thursday, two young men were convicted of murder in the tragic case of Owen Dunn, an 18-year-old British man who was stabbed to death last December, as the Swindon Advertiser reports.

The decision was handed down in the U.K.'s Bristol Crown Court and brought to an end the legal journey of another 18-year-old named Tyler Hunt as well as a 15-year-old boy, both of whom were found guilty of intentionally causing Dunn's death.

Conviction secured

According to the BBC, Dunn was killed after suffering what was described as “catastrophic injuries” in a stabbing attack on Dec. 4, 2022 in Mazurek Way, Swindon.

Jurors in the case heard disturbing evidence detailing the fact that Dunn had been riding his bicycle to see his girlfriend when he was set upon by Tyler Hunt and the then-14-year-old boy, who cannot be named due to legal reasons.

Hunt and the younger boy were wearing balaclavas and carrying machetes when they got off their own bikes, blocked Dunn's path, and brandished their weapons.

Dunn was killed by a stab wound located below the armpit, which punctured his heart and resulted in rapid death.

Victim's family still mourns

As the Advertiser reported separately, members of Dunn's family previously read a victim impact statement in court explaining the devastating impact the killing has had on their lives.

“We mourn the loss of witnessing his milestones, turning 21, 30, 50, getting married, experiencing parenthood or gaining his independence,” the statement explained.

The family continued, “Owen will never see his brother start a family, his mum reach 50 or have a drink with his cousin for his 18th. His absence during his 20th birthday, Christmas, and his father's 50th celebration intensifies our heartache.”

“Our house is quiet, the absence of Owen's laughter and smiles echoes through our home. We wait his return, only to face the heartbreaking reality of bidding him a final farewell,” the Dunns added.

Authorities react

In the aftermath of the guilty verdict, Detective Chief Inspector Phil Walker said, “This case is a sobering example of the real dangers of young people carrying knives.”

Walker added, “In addition to the obvious pain and suffering Owen's death has had on his family and friends, this case had a huge impact on the local community.”

“Anyone carrying a knife or weapon is always putting themselves in more danger, whether that is by getting hurt or hurting others,” he declared.

After the verdict in their case was announced, the convicted parties were remanded into custody pending a sentencing hearing, and while a pre-sentencing report has been ordered for the younger of the two, the final determination of the penalties the convicted assailants will face is not expected until next year.

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