Two mass killings rock city where Democratic National Convention will be held

 January 23, 2024

The Democratic Party has chosen to hold its national convention in Chicago this year despite the liberal city's reputation for violence.

That reputation was confirmed again this past weekend after a woman and her three children were shot dead in a community nearby. 

Victims killed in what police have called a "domestic-related shooting"

According to the Daily Mail, the victims are 53-year-old Majeda Kassem, her daughters Halema and Zahia Kassem, both 25, as well as their 24-year-old sister Hanan Kassem.

All four were pronounced dead at 11:36 a.m. on Saturday at their home in Tinley Park. Authorities arrived after being called by a man who said his wife had been shot.

That man is alleged to have been the victims' husband and father, who is now accused of killing them in what the Tinley Park Public Safety Department describes as a "domestic-related shooting."

"The offender is in custody and the scene is secure. Due to ongoing investigation, we are asking residents to stay out of the area," the law enforcement agency was quoted as saying.

Neighbors shocked by murders

Charlotte Vaitkus was a neighbor of the Kassem family, and she expressed shock over the tragedy in an interview with ABC 7.

"My daughter knows them. She went to school with the oldest son, and she employed the twin sisters," Vaitkus told the local news outlet.

"She always talked about how they were all very intelligent, and they had very high goals in life," the neighbor went on to add.

This was not the only mass killing to occur in the Chicago area in recent days, as CBS News reported that Romeo Nance is accused of murdering eight people in Joliet, Illinois on Sunday.

Nance reportedly had a lengthy criminal history

Nancy, who was himself found dead in Texas on Monday night, appears to have gone on a bloody rampage for no known reason.

"In many cases like this, we may never know the truth or the motives behind these senseless killings," Will County Sheriff's Deputy Chief Dan Jungles told CBS News.

Newsweek reported that Nance had a lengthy criminal record and was arrested last year on multiple felony gun charges.

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