Two participants dead during filming of 'Grand Designs' show

 November 29, 2023

Presenter Kevin McCloud confirmed that two participants died during the filming of the "Grand Designs" property development show.

The deaths have made for significant challenges for those involved in the filming.

The announcement

"We are doing a very difficult project right now," he explained.

"We had no idea and neither did our contributors, but the husband fell gravely ill and has passed away during the filming process, and it makes the narrative very hard to graft. Because you think where do we go [from here]?" he added.

A lonely project

"Nat died of stomach cancer during filming for an episode of Grand Designs. It meant his wife Lucie Fairweather had to finish the project alone," the Express reported.

"Kevin said Nat, who was a sustainability campaigner, and Lucie, a teacher, were going to build a chalet bungalow with amazing architecture," it continued.

 A difficult time for all

The star has seen a vast variety of house projects and renovations over his 20-plus years on screen with Grand Designs, but sadly said not all had gone the way that everyone had hoped and planned," another report stated.

"Kevin admitted that personal issues had cropped up a number of times during filming including two 'very difficult' projects which led to two participants' deaths," it noted.

The show, which has run for over 20 seasons, is well-known in the U.K. and beyond for its presenter and variety of participants in the property series airing throughout the British Isles and beyond, garnering a popular international audience as well.

McCloud has also taken his show to New Zealand, offering a new nation the opportunity to experience him in person in February of next year. The "Home Truths" show is expected to focus on architecture for those unfamiliar with home construction, adding a new twist of humor to his new work.

The loss of the two "Grand Design" participants is heart-breaking, with the program seeking to design its episodes involving the two individuals to offer a special emphasis to highlight and commemorate their lives.

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