Two Russian fights pilots confirmed dead after crash near border

 August 13, 2023

A Russian military fighter jet crashed during a Saturday training mission, killing two pilots.

Russian officials confirmed the crash and deaths of the two military personnel.

The report

“The Su-30 aircraft crashed in a deserted area. The flight was carried out without ammunition. The crew died,” local military authorities said.

"According to officials, a technical malfunction was the likely cause. Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea, positioned between NATO member states Poland and Lithuania," the report continued.

Crash video released

"The moment of the crash of a Russian Su-30 in the Kaliningrad region is published online," NEXTA reported.

"The crew of the fighter jet failed to eject and died. This was previously reported by the Russian Defense Ministry," it continued in a tweet.

The fighter jet

"Su-30 is a Soviet/Russian multi-role two-seat fourth-generation fighter jet. It was designed to play a major role in gaining air superiority," according to a New Voice of Ukraine report.

"It can also function as long-range patrol and aircraft escort, and is capable of conducting electronic counter-countermeasures and early warning tasks, missile targeting and managing. It is used for training as well," it added.

The jet fighter involved in the crash near Russia's border was reportedly not carrying weaponry. Officials believe the crash was due to a technical malfunction, according to the report.

The report also noted that Russia has already lost more than 300 aircraft since the start of its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The crash adds to growing issues in Russia over its military attacks on Ukraine. Despite originally expecting a quick victory over the former Soviet republic, the military operation has turned into a long conflict involving NATO and the U.S. in support of Ukraine as Russia continues to lose troops and weapons in its violent efforts.

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