TXDPS Helicopter Crashes Tracking Migrants Near Border

 January 12, 2024

A helicopter belonging to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) was assisting ground workers in tracking down a group of migrants who were attempting to avoid being apprehended in the brush. 

A report by Breitbart News offered details of the chopper crash that took place in Kinney County. According to a source within law enforcement, the two crew members who were on board did not receive any serious injuries throughout the incident.

An emergency situation occurred during flight for a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter on January 11 at approximately 7:25 p.m., and it looked that the chopper crashed into a field in Kinney County, Texas.

According to reports, the crew of the aircraft was providing assistance to a brush crew from the Department of Public Safety in their efforts to track down a group of migrants who were hiking across a ranch in Texas that was located close to the border zone.

During the process of tracking migrants who are moving through bush, DPS helicopter personnel frequently provide assistance to troopers and Border Patrol officers who are on the ground.


DPS issued a statement about the crash on Thursday evening, offering clairty about the event.

DPS reported that single-engine police helicopter crashed on atapproximately 7:20 p.m. The incident occurred just west of FM 131 on North FM 1908 in Kinney County.

According to the agency, the flight, conducted in support of Operation Lone Star, took place at night under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions, with the crew utilizing night vision goggles and the helicopter, manned by a pilot and co-pilot, experienced a total loss of power during the operation.

As a result, the crew initiated an auto-rotative descent and made contact with the ground. Fortunately, the co-pilot sustained only a minor hand injury, and the helicopter suffered substantial damage.

Both the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have been notified of the incident. The Texas Highway Patrol is currently securing the scene pending the arrival of the investigative agencies.

DPS has chosen not to disclose additional details at this time, emphasizing that further information will be withheld until the NTSB concludes its thorough investigation into the crash.

Danger in the Area

The incident highlights the risks and challenges faced by law enforcement personnel involved in aerial patrols, especially those operating in support of border security initiatives. Authorities are keen to ensure a comprehensive examination of the circumstances leading to the crash, prioritizing safety and transparency throughout the investigative process.

Citizens and aviation enthusiasts alike await the findings of the NTSB, hoping for insights into the factors contributing to the loss of power and subsequent crash. The incident underscores the critical nature of ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the safety of law enforcement aviation operations, particularly in challenging night-time conditions.

Along the porous frontier southwestern border with Mexico, the Del Rio Sector is among the busiest. Del Rio Sector agents apprehended approximately 35,000 migrants over the course of the previous two weeks.

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