U.S. credit rating drops into the negative under President Joe Biden bb

 November 11, 2023

President Joe Biden's time in office has been a disaster for the U.S. economy and the latest Moody credit report has lowered the United States from "stable" to "negative."

So called "Bidenomics" don't seem to be paying off as Americans are more uncertain than ever and many are still working to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic chaos.

In the three years since the pandemic, President Biden has kicked off hyperinflation and spent trillions and yet American's quality of life is worse than it has been in years.

The White House, with the help of the mainstream media, has tried to claim that the economy is better than ever but the numbers don't lie.

Biden's policies have been disastrous and Moody's Investors Services lowering our credit rating is just the latest sign that no amount of propaganda can cover up the truth about the economy.

House of cards

The United States economy is built on lies and printed money. The Biden administration has refused to cut costs and has added trillions to the national debt, and Americans haven't felt any benefit while inflation continues to soar.

In a statement from Moody's, they explained that "Continued political polarization within U.S. Congress raises the risk that successive governments will not be able to reach consensus on a fiscal plan to slow the decline in debt affordability."

The Biden administration refusing to cut costs has led to numerous government shutdowns over the past few years as Republicans demand serious reforms.

Another shutdown seems imminent as Republicans are refusing to budge on cost cutting and Democrats refuse to stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

Moody's statement continued saying, "In the context of higher interest rates, without effective fiscal policy measures to reduce government spending or increase revenues, Moody’s expects that the US’ fiscal deficits will remain very large, significantly weakening debt affordability."  

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party must cut costs and stop wasting taxpayer dollars while many average Americans struggle to get by thanks to inflation crushing budgets and savings.

Shutdown fight

Republicans control the House of Representatives which means they have the final say on the next spending bill. At this point, the government is going to run out of funding on November 18th leaving just a week to get a deal done.

However, despite the chaos of government shutdowns, the Biden administration outright refuses to accept spending cuts.

In fact, many Americans could be forgiven for thinking President Biden is intentionally torpedoing America's finances because of his outright refusal to negotiate. If he doesn't back down, Moody's next credit report will likely be much worse than this latest one.

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