U.S. diplomat breaks silence on why she resigned over Biden's stance on Israel

 May 4, 2024

President Joe Biden and his administration are dealing with all kinds of levels of fallout from its support for Israel. 

Aside from the ongoing anti-Israel protests across the country, Biden is now losing top diplomats as a result of his administration's stance on Israel.

According to Breitbart, "Hala Rharrit, the first U.S. diplomat to resign over the Biden administration’s policy regarding the Israel and Hamas war," recently explained why she left her position -- a position she's held for some 18 years.

Several others under Biden have left their posts in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war.

What did she say?

The surprise attack on Israel, led by Hamas terrorists, led to Israel launching a counterstrike primarily focused on Gaza, which resulted in thousands of deaths.

Rharrit and some of her colleagues expressed great concern at Israel's retailiation and the Biden administration's public support for the country's actions.

She claimed that she and some of her colleagues were left "horrified" at Israel's counterattack on Gaza, which ultimately led to her resignation from a post that she had no "intention of resigning" from prior to that.

Breitbart noted:

“Everyone was sort of bracing themselves, ‘Oh, my goodness, what’s going to happen next?'” Rharitt said, adding that while they knew Israel would respond forcefully, they did not predict “the outcome would be 34,000 killed” and the people of Gaza dealing with “famine conditions.”

Sadly, but not unexpected, the self-defense strike on Gaza, which is where most of the Hamas terrorists cower, resulted in extremely poor conditions for the people living there, which Rharitt said was too much to bear.

"I’m fundamentally concerned that we’re on the wrong side of history and we are hurting our interests," she said, referencing the Biden administration's continued support for Israel as it attempts to eradicated Hamas in Gaza.

Social media reacts

Rharrit received mixed responses to her resignation, as some cheered her on and some clearly did not.

"One thing I don’t fully understand is why resignation is the decision. We need people in government who can push back and disagree with the policy. Without them, there is no one to speak up against it. Public opinion can only go so far," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Please do convey my total respect & admiration for what had to be a tough call. Gala, this is an untenable situation that will require intervention to stop izrael’s murdering spree."

Only time will tell if more officials resign for the same reasons.

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