Utah man who threatened Biden killed during FBI raid

 August 10, 2023

A Utah man who made violent threats against President Joe Biden and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was killed by FBI agents on Wednesday.

The FBI confirmed the death of Craig Robertson after an appearance on an arrest warrant turned violent.

The threats

"Robertson allegedly made threats against Biden on social media, specifically saying that he was preparing a particular gun and camouflaging attire ahead of the president's visit to the state on Wednesday," NBC 4 New York reported.

"In March, Robertson also made threats against Bragg, saying he was going to New York and described in detail how he wanted to lie in wait and kill Bragg in a parking garage," it continued.

The FBI's statement

“The Secret Service is aware of the FBI investigation involving an individual in Utah who has exhibited threats towards a protectee," the agency said in a statement.

"While we always remain in close coordination with our law enforcement partners, this is an FBI-led effort and we would refer any related questions to the FBI,” the statement said.

The charges

"Robertson was facing three felony counts including interstate threats, threats against the president, and influencing, impeding, and retaliating against federal law enforcement officers by threat," the Daily Wire reported.

"The FBI said they spied on the man and saw him 'wearing a dark suit (later observed as having an AR-15 style rifle lapel pin attached), a white shirt, a red tie, and a multi-colored (possibly camouflage) hat bearing the word "TRUMP" on the front,'" it continued.

In addition to threats against Biden and Bragg, Robertson also allegedly wrote that the time was right to assassinate both the president and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The man, noted as being in his 70s, lived in Provo, Utah, where his threats were posted on social media accounts.

The fatal shooting leaves many unanswered questions concerning the situation that the FBI will need to address following the death of an American in his own home.

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