Utah's House speaker resigns prior to a potential Senate bid for Romney's seat

 September 20, 2023

Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson made a significant announcement on Monday, revealing his decision to step down from his position in the state legislature. 

Wilson's resignation comes as he contemplates the possibility of entering the Senate race for the seat currently held by Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican representing Utah, as The Washington Examiner reported.

In a significant political development, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a stunning announcement last week, revealing his decision to forgo seeking reelection.

Romney's Shocking Announcement

This decision has now paved the way for what promises to be a highly competitive primary race in 2024. With three Republican contenders already throwing their hats into the ring, the battle for the coveted seat is shaping up to be a fierce contest.

In a move that has garnered significant attention, former House speaker Wilson has taken a decisive step towards a potential bid for the 2024 elections.

Back in April, Wilson established an exploratory committee, signaling his interest in pursuing a political career beyond the House.

Notably, numerous conservative lawmakers have been fervently advocating for Wilson to shift his focus towards a Senate run as he prepares to depart from his current role as House speaker.

In a surprising announcement, Representative Wilson has declared his resignation from the Utah House, marking the end of his impressive 12-year tenure.

Since his election in 2011, Wilson has been a prominent figure in the state's legislative body. Additionally, he has served as the House speaker for the past four years, a position he was elected to in 2019. The effective date of his resignation has been set for November 15th.

Wilson's Statements

"Serving in the Utah House of Representatives and as Speaker of the House has been the honor, privilege, and opportunity of a lifetime — and I don't say that lightly," Wilson said in a statement.

"I did not anticipate the lifelong impact of my decision to run for public office nearly 14 years ago."

"I am excited for my next chapter and have full confidence in my peers in the House, Senate, and executive branch to continue making Utah the best place to live, learn, work, and play," Wilson continued.

Wilson has already received endorsements from prominent Utah Republican legislators, including state Senate President Stuart Adams, state Senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers, and state Senate Majority Whip Ann Millner, providing Wilson with a significant advantage over any potential primary opponents.

“What my focus is right now is getting myself in as strong of a position as possible so that if, or more likely when, we launch a full campaign this fall, we are ready to go and we are ready to win,” Wilson told the Washington Examiner in August.

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