Young Navy veteran and expectant father shot and killed in Chicago while driving tow truck

 October 7, 2023

President Joe Biden and other anti-Second Amendment advocates of gun control love to immediately speak out and push their agenda following rare but tragic mass shooting events, yet remain stunningly silent with regard to the far more common but no less tragic loss of individual lives to daily instances of gun violence in Democrat-run cities.

Such is the case with respect to the horrible shooting death early Friday morning in Chicago of a tow truck-driving U.S. Navy veteran who was about to become a new father, according to WGN.

Jack Jacobsen, 28, was found by police dead in his tow truck from multiple gunshot wounds. Now, in addition to planning a baby shower, Jacobsen's family must also make funeral arrangements for the expectant father who will never meet his unborn child.

Shot and killed while repossessing vehicle

Chicago's WLS reported that Jacobsen worked as a tow truck driver for a company called Northwest Recovery and, per the company, is believed to have just repossessed a black Land Rover in East Garfield Park when the fatal shooting incident occurred around 1:30 am.

It is further suspected that Jacobsen was ambushed by a group of people as there were numerous bullet holes through the windshield and he was found dead seated in the driver's seat of his truck with a handgun beside him, though it is not yet clear if that gun was fired or even belonged to him.

An attorney for the company, Tom Glasgow, acknowledged that vehicle repossessions can sometimes be dangerous for the tow truck drivers tasked with recovering the vehicles and further stated that the company was trying to learn all of the details about exactly what occurred.

"We don't know if this was a random act, if it was a directed action, or if it was simply car thieves that saw someone turn the keys to a very expensive automobile over," Glasgow said, and added of Jacobsen, "He's a great kid. I just saw a tremendous kid who had a great personality and was always upbeat. It is such a tragic loss."

Police investigators are now reviewing footage from a nearby city-owned surveillance camera as well as from several cameras mounted on the tow truck, which according to Glasgow, "provide a very wide swath of visual view for what occurs during a repossession and what happens after the repossession in order to protect our drivers."

New baby is "never going to know her daddy"

As for Jacobsen's family, WLS reported that his mother, Ericha Lilly-Hosick, received the devastatingly grim news about her son's terrible death in an early morning phone call from a friend of her son, who had reportedly been speaking on the phone with Jacobsen when he was shot and killed.

The frantic mother immediately rushed to pick up her son's pregnant fiancee to head to the scene, and told the outlet, "As his mother, I had to make that drive. I had to know and I had that hope that my son wasn't gone."

With Jacobsen's first child due in just a matter of months, a baby shower had been planned for this weekend, but that joy is now countered by the grief of having to also make plans for a funeral and memorial service.

The heartbroken mother told the outlet of her now-dead son, "He's got a little girl on the way and she's never going to know her daddy."

Support flows in for grieving family

A GoFundMe account was established on behalf of Jacobsen's family to both celebrate the life of the young Navy veteran and would-be father as well as to help financially support the family and help cover final expenses.

As evidence of just how beloved Jacobsen was, the fundraising campaign with an initial goal of $25,000 had already received donations totaling more than $54,000 in just one day.

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