Vice chair of pro-Republican group resigns, calls for investigation into finances

 August 28, 2023

Longtime American Conservative Union board members vice chairman Charlie Gerow revealed last week that he is stepping down as vice chairman.

The Washington Times noted how in addition to announcing his resignation, Gerow also called for an investigation into the group's finances as well as its chairman, Matt Schlapp.

Gerow: Resignation is "the only course of action that’s appropriate"

According to the Times, Gerow issued a statement that read, "It’s a great honor to serve CPAC, it was a large portion of my life that I gave to this organization and I’m sad that the state of affairs is such that I believe the only course of action that’s appropriate at this point is to resign."

Gerow also took issue with a sexual assault allegations leveled at Schlapp by Republican staffer. According to Politico, the staffer filed a lawsuit against Schlapp.

The staffer has also filed a defamation suit against Caroline Wren, who helped run Kari Lake's Arizona gubernatorial campaign as well as Harmeet Dhillon's campaign for RNC chair.

The plaintiff, who previously worked for Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, claims Schlapp sexually assaulted him following a campaign event.

Organization says Gerow is motivated by personal ambition

The American Conservative Union hosts an annual event known as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and its official twitter account put out a response to Gerow's remarks.

"There are multiple public videos of Charlie Gerow endorsing and supporting the Chairman's leadership including extended remarks at the most recent national CPAC while the organization was under attack," it began.

"We took Mr. Gerow’s public comments as being truthful, and we have no reason to doubt them now," the statement continued.

"It was only after Charlie Gerow realized that the board was not going to grant him an additional term that he decided to resign," it went on to insist.

Ronald Reagan's son supports Gerow

Gerow's call for oversight was met with support from Michael Reagan, who is the son of President Ronald Reagan and head of the Reagan Legacy Foundation.

He tweeted, "I agree with Charlie Gerow..ACU vice chair resigns, calls for independent investigations into Matt Schlapp, group's finances."

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