Vice president mocked over bizarre election comments

 December 21, 2023

Democrats have been desperate to boost President Joe Biden's campaign efforts even as most polls show him trailing behind former President Donald.

However, a new video featuring Vice President Kamala Harris probably isn't what the White House had in mind. 

Harris says "this is the most election of our lifetime"

According to the New York Post, Harris served up "another word salad" during an interview this week with MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell.

"You know, every election cycle we talk about this is the most election of our lifetime," the vice president told O'Donnell.

“Lawrence, this one is, this one is,” she told the host.

"We are literally talking about people who are attempting to divide our country in the most crude, frankly, and profound way," Harris insisted.

Fox News host asks if Harris was drunk

"We are talking about those who are intent and purposeful to, to attack fundamental freedoms," the vice president continued, adding, "The freedom to be free from fear of violence and hate … the freedom to just … be. The freedom to just be."

"I have been fortunate and blessed during the course of being vice president to have many situations where it becomes too clear me that there are people … of every age and gender, by the way, who see something about being the first that lets them know they don’t need to be, um, limited by other people’s limited, um, understanding of who can do what," she declared.

Harris' words were met with widespread derision, including from Fox News host Greg Gutfeld who sarcastically referred to her words as a "pearl of wisdom."

"Wow, I have two theories," Gutfeld said after watching the vice president speak. He went on to speculate that Harris was either intoxicated or had suffered a stroke similar to the one experienced by Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. John Fetterman.

Poll shows Biden is losing younger voters

Later, Gutfeld pointed to a recent Fox News poll which found that President Biden is losing to former President Trump among voters under 30.

Carried out between December 10 and December 14, the survey reported that 41 percent support Trump compared with 28 percent who back Biden.

The poll also found strong interest among younger voters in third-party candidates, with 14 percent favoring Robert F. Kennedy, seven percent supporting Jill Stein, and five percent backing Cornel West.

What's more, the survey also showed Trump beating the president among female voters 41 percent to 34 percent.

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