Victoria's Secret CEO resigns following series of woke decisions

 January 6, 2023

In what appears to be another example of the get woke, go broke phenomenon, Victoria Secret's left-leaning CEO Amy Hauk has resigned after less than a year in the role. 

As the Blaze noted,  Hauk is known for having pursued several controversial policies. That includes hiring actor and producer Darren Barnet as the company's first-ever male model actor and producer Darren Barnet.

CEO says standards of beauty are "each individual’s to choose"

Barnet, who rose to fame in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever, spoke about his role in a statement released by Victoria's Secret this past August.

The actor said he understood "how it feels to not fit in, and how important it is to feel supported and accepted for who you are."

"I love the work that PINK is doing – especially their focus on community and mental health – so I'm really honored to be a part of this team," Barnet added.

Hauk spoke up as well, declaring she was "so excited to announce this partnership because Darren is such a positive role model for teens and young adults."

"As we focus on expanding our gender-free offerings and continue to evolve as a brand, we want to ensure our partners not only represent the diversity of our customers, but also embody individuality and self-confidence," she insisted.

In another unusual move, Victoria's Secret also hired TikTok influencer Remi Bader to serve as a plus sized model, a fact it touted in another statement.

"PINK has made a lot of strides over the years to be more inclusive and focus on mental health, and I'm really honored to work with the team to help young adults embrace their bodies and be an honest voice for the amazing community I've built," Bader said.

What's more, the company abandoned its traditional "Angels" models even as it hired men and larger statured women, with Huak insisting that standards of beauty are "each individual’s to choose."

Yet as the Blaze noted, customers appear to be less than enthusiastic about Huak's decisions, with CNN reporting that Victoria's Secret is projected to see a drop in sales of 7% this year.

Woke Disney films bomb

Victoria's Secret is not alone in failing to see benefits from adopting a woke stance as Fox News reported this week that Disney has had a similar experience.

Examples included "Strange World" as well as the Toy Story franchise's "Lightyear," with both animated features bombing at the box office.

The plot of "Strange World" focused on climate change and featured a gay teen love story while "Lightyear" made headlines for a lesbian kiss.

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