Video appears to show Rep. George Santos in drag

 January 23, 2023

New York Republican Rep. George Santos has been the focus of intense scrutiny ever since a New York Times article revealed that much of his life story was fabricated.

The controversy deepened last week after allegations emerged that the disgraced congressman once performed as a drag queen. 

Video appears to show Santos in drag

According to Fox News, a video has emerged which appears to show Santos dressed in drag at an event in Brazil, the country he is originally from.

Fox News reported that the footage was shared on Substack by reporter Marisa Kabas after it was provided to her by a Brazilian drag queen named Eula Rochard.

An individual who resembles Santos is interviewed at the 4:20 mark. Still, Fox News noted that the video's quality "makes confirming the identity of the interviewee as the congressman difficult."

Santos says allegations "categorically false"

Santos reacted to the story with a tweet this past Thursday in which he said allegations of being a drag queen are "categorically false" and that he would "not be distracted nor fazed by this."

However, Fox News noted that Santos confirmed the authenticity of images showing him drag as being genuine when he spoke with reporters at New York City's LaGuardia Airport.

The congressman did not admit to being a regular drag performer but instead insisted that he was simply having "fun at a festival," saying, "Sue me for having a life."

Santos faces investigation and demands that he step down

Santos is already facing calls to resign after being caught lying about his career, with Republican Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman telling Fox News that the freshman lawmaker is someone he "can't trust."

Meanwhile, Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly told Newsday in December that her office will be conducting an investigation of Santos.

For his part, Santos has remained defiant, declaring in a tweet on January 11 that he "was elected to serve the people" and remains "committed to doing that."

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