Video reveals Hunter Biden networking with potential clients in South Carolina

 September 17, 2023

A video from 2005 was recently aired that showed Hunter Biden with his father then-Sen. Joe Biden networking with potential clients in South Carolina.

The clip was aired on Newsmax's "Greg Kelly Reports" with Hunter discussing business with other leaders.

The discussion

“Maybe we can work something out,” Joe Biden said to the couple with a smile.

“Yeah, that is what we will do,” the woman in the video replied in response to an unknown business idea. The conversation also included the sharing of business cards as Hunter exchanged discussions with others in the video.

Sharing business cards

Looking at Hunter Biden, the man asked if he had a business card. “Do you have a [business] card by any chance?” the man asked.

“I don’t, but I’ll give you my…” Hunter Biden replied before being cut off.

“Well let me give you mine,” the man said.

“Yeah, then I’ll give you my [inaudible]… I gave ’em all away,” Hunter Biden said, turning to his father.

Biden's impeachment inquiry

"We continue to discover more and more evidence every single week in our investigation of President Biden and his family," The House Oversight Committee stated.

"@HouseGOP's impeachment inquiry will allow us to continue to follow the facts and put together the truth for the American people," it added.

The video doesn't prove wrongdoing but instead affirms other allegations of the president using his influence to provide business for his son. The House Oversight investigation claims up to $20 million in international business deals could be involved with the Bidens.

Also concerning is the fact that much of the international business involving Hunter Biden includes connections with China and Ukraine, two of the most controversial nations during Biden's term as president.

The video may add to further concerns for Americans with problems over the issue as the nation moves closer to the 2024 election and a potential rematch between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

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