Video shows Leticia James shouting that Trump's 'days are numbered'

 April 22, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has long complained that New York Attorney General Leticia James' civil fraud lawsuit is a politically motivated attack.

Citizen Free Press recently put out a video montage of James speaking about the former president, and it shows her all but confessing that he is right.  

James called Trump "an illegitimate president"

The video begins with a clip of James saying, "The president of the United States has complained that I'm engaging in some sort of political witch hunt."

"That I've got some personal vendetta against him. That I campaign against him," the New York attorney general continued before adding, "That is not true."

The video then cuts to a clip of James asserting in an interview that Trump is "an illegitimate president who sits in the White House."

Another clip shows James reiterating the same message at a political rally before twice shouting that Trump's "days are numbered."

James led chants of "Lock him up!" and "Donald Trump has got to go"

In a third clip, James can be seen addressing another rally where she declares, "We've got to get ready to mobilize and we've got to get ready to agitate and irritate until victory is won, but more importantly, until Trump is defeated."

In yet another clip, James tells supporters that she intends to give Trump "the same level of respect" he gave to former President Barack Obama before adding, "And that is absolutely no respect at all."

A final clip features James standing with a megaphone and encouraging members of a crowd to chant "Lock him up!" and "Donald Trump has got to go!"

Fox News reported on Friday that James submitted a 26-pay brief in which she asked a court to void the $175 million bond which Trump posted so that he could appeal his civil fraud judgment.

Judge rules that Trump's appeal bond can stand

The state attorney general argued that the California-based Knight Specialty Insurance Company (KSIC) which secured Trump's bond is not authorized to do business in New York and has an insufficiently large policyholder surplus.

"Based on KSIC's policyholder surplus in its most recent annual financial statement of $138,441,671, the limitation of loss on any one risk that KSIC is permitted to write is $13.8 million," she wrote.

However, Fox News revealed on Monday that a judge ruled KSIC's bond can stand, thus allowing Trump to continue with his appeal.

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