Violent left-wing 'protest' breaks out in Atlanta

 January 22, 2023

Fox News reports that a peaceful protest turned into a violent riot in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday. 

The protest was in response to the recent police shooting of 26-year-old Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. Teran - who also went by the name Tortuguita, which is Spanish for "little turtle" - was an activist who identified as a nonbinary person.


Last week, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed that Teran had been the victim of a police shooting. The shooting took place near the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, an 85-acre planned facility that critics refer to as "Cop City."

Critics have been protesting the training center for over a year by building platforms in the trees and camping on the site. Teran was a participant in this protest.

Recently, Atlanta Georgia State Patrol attempted to clear the protesters - including Teran - out of the area. Teran, however - who at the time was in a tent in the woods - refused to comply with the commands that the authorities had given him.

Instead, Teran fired a gun at state troopers injuring one of them. That officer is expected to recover after undergoing surgery.

The state troopers responded by returning fire, and that gunfire struck and killed Teran.

The protest-turned-riot

On Saturday, activists, skeptical of the above narrative provided by authorities, gathered to protest Teran's death.

The protest started off peacefully with protestors holding signs with Tortuguita's name on it. But, it wasn't long before the protest turned violent.

The rioters set off fireworks, threw rocks at the Atlanta Police Foundation, and even set a police vehicle on fire. The riot went on for several hours and much property damage was done.

Authorities ended up arresting at least six individuals for their alleged involvement in the riot. An investigation is now under way.

"We will not tolerate violence"

Both Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens (D) have released statements on the matter.

Dickens said:

Atlanta is safe and our police officers have resolved the disruptions downtown from earlier in the evening. The City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department will continue to protect the right to peaceful protest. We will not tolerate violence or property destruction.

Kemp's statement was similar. He said:

While the state continues to respect peaceful protest, acts of violence against person or property will not be tolerated. Those committing such unlawful acts will be arrested and prosecuted fully.

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