Vivek Ramaswamy calls for Letitia James to be disbarred

 March 22, 2024

Former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called for New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) to be disbarred over her "disgusting" and "un-American" legal pursuit of Donald Trump. 

"It needs to end now. Not just for the protection of Donald Trump but for the protection of every American," Ramaswamy said in a video.

Trump is facing a Monday deadline to pay a $500 million bond, and James has promised to begin seizing his iconic properties if he can't pay.

Vivek blasts "disgusting" crusade

Ramaswamy ripped James' "un-American" efforts against Trump and urged the Supreme Court to intervene, citing the Eight Amendment's bar on excessive fines.

“The Eighth Amendment prevents the imposition of excessive bail, or excessive fines. And if there's ever an example, that means that to a tee, it’s the bond that’s been demanded of Donald Trump in this disgusting New York Letitia James-led prosecution," Ramaswamy said.

If the excessive fine in Trump's case is not struck down, it will set a precedent for prosecutors to use the courts to bankrupt their political opponents, Ramaswamy warned.

“This is an opportunity for the Supreme Court to step in and say, 'No, we're not going to stand for this kind of lawfare.'” Ramaswamy continued.

The Supreme Court has already gotten wrapped up in lawfare against Trump. The court unanimously rejected efforts to remove Trump from the ballot this month.

"I hope this can be another 9-0 rebuke of the kind of lawfare that we're seeing against Donald Trump and indirectly against every American," Ramaswamy said.

Trump eyes Supreme Court

Trump's lawyers say he does not have the cash to cover the “patently unjust, unreasonable and unconstitutional” bond.

The excessive amount, they say, effectively deprives him of a right to appeal, because it forces Trump to sell his property with no way to get it back if he eventually wins the case.

The judge in the case, Arthur Engoron, found Trump liable for fraud before the trial began and despite acknowledging that there were no victims.

Trump pledged Friday to take the case "all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.”

“They can’t take away your property before you’ve had a chance to appeal the decision of a Trump-hating, incompetent judge who has been overturned more than any judge in the state,” he said.

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